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Mercury/Juno and relationship

Marriage/affair with Mercury type: a sibling, a neighbor
Characterized by Mercury activity: vehicles, study, publication

Eleanor Roosevelt married a cousin
FDR Mercury//Juno

Incidences of incest with sibling

Francis Galton (scientist) met his wife thru a neighbor

Betty White met her husband on Password Mercury conjunct Juno

Books publisher married a book publisher Mercury=Juno=Vulcanus=Aries
(Betty Ballantine 9/25/1919)

Schubert married his cousin N. Mercury=Juno
This could also be Mercury=Sun/Moon (Queen Victoria) or Mercury/Venus

Franz Joseph married his cousin T. Juno=T. Mercury=N. Saturn (not a reciprocal relationship/that's Saturn/Juno)

King Ferdinand married cousin (Queen Isabella; she had Neptune/Juno, they married in secret)

Alfonoso XIII married cousin (she died); engaged to her sister (she died)

King John married his cousin

Jung's student; they had affair
Her natal Neptune=Mercury/Juno

Lawyer who tried Lady Chatterly's Lover
N. Mercury/Juno

John Milton wrote about divorce September 1643
P. Mars=Mercury/Juno 13' orb
natal Moon=Mercury/Juno

MFK Fisher P. Mercury=Juno married publisher

? write with partner

These circumstances could also  be symbolized by Mercury=Venus, Mercury=Sun/Moon or in some cases Mercury=Venus/Mars

Juno also symbolizes designed items: fashion, decor, furniture

Fashion Mags
Christa Worthington natal picture
Rebecca Romaine Stamos 2/30/1991 Elle Mag T. Juno=N. Mercury/Juno
Diana appears on cover of Vanity Fair Mercury trine Juno (a few months later French Vogue)

Editor Mademoiselle Magazine August 3, 1921

Designer, typesetter and printer of some of the most beautiful books made in America in the late 20th century.
Kim Merker Mercury/Juno=Aries (2/6/1932 no TOB but no more than 25' orb)

Designer of postage stamps
Mercury=Jupiter=Juno=Admetos (Admetos=small things)
orb is no greater than 40'--looks like a T-square
9/21/1924 no tob

Here's the same picture without Admetos:
A car customizer, designer and painter who was considered one of the pre-eminent artists of American racecar and hot-rod culture.
Mercury=Juno (semi-square no more than 1 degree orb but this shows up as a  major aspect on a dial).  The whole picture is actually Mercury=Juno=Jupiter.
Dean Jeffries (2/25/1933 no TOB)

Kirk Douglas Natal Mercury conjunct Juno write "Ragman's Son"

Lana Turner Mercury=Cupido=Hades=Juno
Fan letters first called her "The Sweater Girl"

Mercury=Cupido=Juno edited Elle Magazine August 3, 1921

Byron "Ode to a Grecian Urn"

Hugo Grotius
Escape from prison in a book chest

Mail order sewing biz

Mallarme typesetter

Beautiful cars; car posters
Aretha "Pink Cadillac"


catalogue describing Prince Albert’s etchings legal decision LR Mercury=Juno  1/1849

?? Samuel Johnson P. Juno=Mercury April 1745

Johnson announced his intention to edit Shakespeare's plays in his Miscellaneous Observations on Macbeth (1745), and a full Proposal for the edition was published in 1756. The edition was finally published in 1765.
In the "Preface" to his edition, Johnson justifies trying to determine the original language of the Shakespearean plays. To benefit the reading audience, he added explanatory notes to various passages. Later editors followed Johnson's lead and sought to determine an authoritative text of Shakespeare.

Certain photos:
Lewis Carrol Took a photo of a girl in costume T. Juno station trine Mercury 5/14/1837
Got enamel copies of photo P. Mercury opposite Juno February 1874

Mohammed Ali P. Mercury=Juno February - March 2006
In april this appeared: famed prizefighter Muhammad Ali will now have to share the rights to his name and likeness.  paid $50 million in cash in exchange for selling 80 percent interest of his name and likeness.June 2006 Action doll relaesed

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