Sunday, September 2, 2007


Writer, publications, magazines, various kinds of printed material

In the natal charts of 
designer of postage stamp, a letter handler at post office
.  Movie producer who adapts popular novels (Gone with the Wind, Tale of 2 Cities)
.  Pin ups: Farrah Fawcett and Bettie Page
.  Newspaper headline:
   "Ex-Club Singer, Teacher Succeeds Ann Landers” newspaper columnist 7/9/2003
    Transiting Mercury=Cupido=Apollon=Vulcanus 

Car Companies
Natal Mercury=Cupido=Jupiter=Neptune (major aspect 1 degree orb)
DOB 9/30/1923 No tob
Inventor of machine that read coded messages.

Vehicle company Head of Uber
Travis Cordell Kalanick 8/6/1976

Joseph Hansom founder of cab company

Sibling in art or entertainment
Donny Osmond
Judy Garland (Gumm Sisters when she started out)Jimmy Connors went to casino biz with his brother 

RPP: Artistic instinct, social entertainment


Unknown said...

That's very interesting about the inventor of a machine that reads coded messages. I just checked Alan Turing's chart and he has Cupido conjunct the IC, opposite Uranus: This was the ingenious man dedicated to solving puzzles and who invented the Enigma code breaking machine that played such a huge part in defeating the Nazi's in WW2.

I'm Faith McInerney. I'm an astrologer based in NYC. said...

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, strong Uranus/Cupido for the genius guy who worked with tech organization. might be interested in reading the post on Neptune/Chiron for codes...also has info about Turing.

I had to reach for why Neptune/Chiron corresponds with codes but the evidence was there, including dates for events.