Sunday, September 2, 2007


Most often, homes associated with sibling.  Ex. living w a sib or sib is in real estate.  Prog. or SR, the sib moves or has property activity.

Mercury/Vesta is also: library building, school building, parking garage, printing plant; shipping plant, events with neighbor's home.  Publications about buildings/homes

Mercury/Vesta=Node Bro architect

Founded journal The Builder\ Joseph Hansom Mercury conjunct Vesta 10/26/1803 no tob

Palandjian Brothers both have Mercury/Vesta=real estate biz

Anne Frank N. Mercury conjunct Vesta -- wrote about confinement with small group in hiding place (complete picture Mercury=Vesta=Cupido=Admetos)

Michelangelo N. Mecury ssq. Vesta
P. Mercury=Vesta 6/1523
P. Vesta=Mercury 7/1525
Laurentian Library commissioned in 1523 and began construction 1525

P. Mercury=Vesta/Poseiden
Sister moves to Cathedral Parkway

Winston Churchill had Mercury/Vesta. I think it might describe his invention of the tank--Vesta’s manifestation is a container for transport.

Mercury=Mars=Vesta appeared in solar returns of 2 clients with problem neighbors.

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