Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Activity, events in society, group, organization
Vivekananda introduced Hinduism to the west at Parliament of World Religions 1898
P. Mars//P. Cupido

Art activity (N, P, SA, SR/LR) Very common in the horoscopes of artists.

The planet at the midpoint sometimes indicates the content of the artistic activity.
In an artist's chart, a planet in the SR at the Mars/Cupido midpoint describes art activity that year.

David O. Selznick adapted popular novels into movies
Gone with the Wind, Tale of Two Cities, etc.

N. Neptune and Kronos=Mars/Cupido
Robert Blake had role as an undercover cop

Debussy Neptune=Mars/Cupido 64H "La Mer"

N. Ceres=Mars/Cupido
Both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake--is this the Mickey MOUSE Club?

N. Hades=Mars/Cupido (semi octile  2' orb) Unrefined art
    Rock critic Lester Bangs DOB 13 December 1948 at 22:58 Escondido CA, USA
    (also Mercury=Venus/Apollon)

   SR Hades=Mars Cupido
   Client worked with a hip-hop musical about Shakespeare.

N. Chiron=Mars/Cupido (22 1/2 -- 6' orb)
Artist worked from a wheelchair. Henri Matisse DOB 12/31/1869 8PM Le Cateau, France

Kronos=Mars/Cupido <45 orb="" p="">Painted Chairman Mao year after year
<45 orb="" p="">Wang Guodong DOB 6/25/1931
<45 orb="" p="">
<45 orb="" p=""> N. Apollon=Mars/Cupido (64H/7' or less) DOB 9/27/11 Marcey Jacobson, American photographer who photographed Mexico. She also had N. Cupido=Jupiter/Node (64H/approx 4')

N. Poseidon=Mars/Cupdio (semi octile 16' orb)
Musician with left-wing political messages in his songs, adored not just for music but his activism. José Afonso DOB 2 August 1929 at 10:30 AM Aveiro, Portugal
<45 orb="" p="">
Rembrandt sold 1/25/2007

T. Mars=Cupido=Vulcanus (1 day away from exact) 7/8/03
Striking French show biz workers

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