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Russell Brand

 A reader asked if I'm alive.  It's time for a fresh post.

Russell Brand.  June 4, 1975   12:05AM Orsett, UK

IMO, the circumstance is described by his aspect of Asc=Sun=Venus=Neptune=Uranus=Zeus, all within a degree of each other.

T. Pluto is conjunct his natal Ascendant and triggering the whole picture.

And P. Sun is square to Uranus, just past his tight Uranus/Zeus aspect.

It covers a lot of ground.  From a tech standpoint: the Twittter  feuds; the expulsion from Youtube and  a history of  disruptive media activity.    Some of it was while he was still using drugs.  This is described by his opposition of Sun and Neptune but more specifically, Sun=Neptune/Zeus which describes aggressive behavior on  drugs or alcohol.  (That post is being updated and coming soon)

From a personal standpoint, Venus and Uranus are  a wildcard for relationships.  But he's also got natal Juno=Mars/Hades describing base (abusive, disgusting) activity with women.   

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The active principle of Mars: religious or political activity; association with others who are active in religion or politics.

 Involved with ideological/ethical organization and activity  

  Outspoken about views; stand up for religious or political opinions. 

          Religious conversion (also Uranus/Poseidon and Pluto/Poseidon)

 Martial effect: 

        Social, religious, political views or activities are oppositional or defensive.

        Disruption, aggression, war for the sake of belief 

        Assault by religious or political figure. 

 Several religious antagonists of historical significance had natal Mars/Poseidon aspects.

Before he was a leader in the Transcendentalist movement, Ralph Waldo Emerson was a minister who left the church after he became embroiled in controversy over his refusal to administer important rituals, writing the essay, “A young minister refuses to perform crucial duty”.   He outraged the Protestant community with a speech which “discounted biblical miracles and proclaimed that, while Jesus was a great man, he was not God: historical Christianity.”  He was denounced as a poisoner of young men's minds”.1  His SR contained Mars=Poseidon=Aries.  Natal Mars//Poseidon

John Brown, an evangelical minister, was the leading proponent of violence in the American abolitionist movement, saying “repeatedly he was following Christian ethics”.2  With N. Mercury=Mars/Poseidon 4’ orb, some important events highlight the Mercury component:

When he met a military tactician with whom he wrote a tactical handbook, Brown had Mars/Poseidon and Mercury coming to Aries and the Sun.  (His time of birth DD rated, so I did not emphasize the Asd. or MC,)   His Harper’s Ferry raid went wrong when a train passed through, resulting in casualties inflicted by Brown’s men, who “inexplicably” allowed the train to pass…into the next town where they notified officials.                                   

 Immanuel Kant was forbidden by law to speak in public on the topic of religion. 3  The date of the decree in 1794 is not chronicled but T. Poseidon was within one degree of a conjunction to his natal Mars that year. N. Mars//Poseidon

         Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’sunorthodox religious beliefs led him to be called ‘the great heathen’” resulting in opposition to the creation of a Goethe monument “on account of his offensive religious creed”. 4

His Mars/Poseidon aspect was part of a larger picture with Uranus and the Moon.  P. Poseidon stationed within 1’ of the  Mars/Poseidon midpoint for over 20 years, spanning the time when his university “dissertation which questioned the status of the Ten Commandments, proved too scandalous to be accepted” 5 and he wrote Faust. about a man’s deal to sell his soul to the devil.

Martin Luther was a convert who started a religion.  He was excommunicated as a heretic, with Mars/Poseidon SA Sun 2’ orb September 15, 1520 

Luther “Encouraged priests to marry when that was forbidden by the Church and advocated divorce according to biblical principles” 6.  This is symbolized by  MC/Venus/Saturn=Mars/Poseidon.  

 He was also a highly influential antisemite.  When his natal Mars/Poseidon was exact by progression, he published a book calling Jews “the devil’s people” and advocated setting synagogues on fire, forbidding rabbis to preach and expelling them “for all time”. 6  “We are at fault in not slaying them…God's anger with them is so intense." 6

Adolf Hiter studied Luther.  Hitler had a wide semi-octile of Mars/Poseidon, but even more descriptive was a tight midpoint picture of Hades=Mars/Poseidon, which the RPP delineates as “Morally base acts.  Lack of ethics”. 

 Mars/Poseidon was  one symbolic component marking acts of  his thuggery-driven by ideals, as was Hades.  Here’s an example: On September 14, 1921, Hitler disrupted a meeting where an opponent spoke.  He was beaten and shoved off the stage.  Hitler was arrested but pronounced the incident a success.  “It's all right. We got what we wanted. He’ didn’t speak" 7     Mars/Poseidon SA Sun and  T. Mars=N. Hades. The opponent (Mars/Saturn=Hades=Poseidon) was murdered when Hitler came to power. 

A pivotal moment in Hitler’s combative ascent was an attempted coup d'état known as the Beer Hall Putsch, when 20 Nazi’s and police officers died.  Mars and Poseidon were SA to each other and T. Mars was with Hades, triggering the Mars/Poseidon midpoint.  (November 8, 1923)

Another turning point “pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany” 7  was the politically stoked Reichstag fire.  Hitler blamed the Communists and now had a convenient excuse to exhort President Hindenburg to pass a decree suspending civil liberties and detention without trial, enabling Hitler to detain his opponent and win the election just weeks later.   Mars/Poseidon SA MC 

The founder of  the Jewish Self-Defense Organization, advocated arming Jews against the imminent danger he foresaw.  In 1935 he said: "Catastrophe is approaching. ...I see a terrible picture ... the volcano that will soon spew out its flames of extermination," 8  He was Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Sun and Hades =Mars/Poseidon (<34 no TOB); Sun//Mars//Poseidon).  Note both Hitler and Jabotinsky (and Osama Bin Laden) had Hades=Mars/Poseidon.

Another icon of Jewish self-defense was Avraham Stern (Stern Gang).  Born with natal Mercury=Mars/Poseidon (noon chart <34), his poem set to music, Unknown Soldiers, told of  “Jews who would not be drafted by other countries while they wandered in Exile from their own country, but rather who would enlist in a volunteer army of their own, go underground and die fighting in the streets only to be buried secretly at night”. 9 

 Over a quarter century before Hitler’s rise, France was polarized by the Dreyfuss Case,  springing from the unjust conviction of a Jewish army officer for  allegedly providing military secrets to the enemy.  Alfred Dreyfus had prominent Mars/Poseidon aspects, as did a number of his opponents, the unabashedly antisemitic anti-Dreyfusards.   When the real culprit was acquitted with false evidence, Emile Zola’s expose of the injustice, “J’accuse”, ignited "tumultuous demonstrations nearly every day" 10 by anti-Dreyfusards.    


Alfred Dreyfus had N. Mars/Poseidon=Aries precisely  as well as a tight semi octile of Mars and Poseidon, part of a larger picture which included Kronos and Vulcanus (below left), spelling out the highest levels of government involvement.   The release of .J’accuse and the ensuing riots were marked in Dreyfus’ chart by Mars/Poseidon SA MC and Sun SA Mars/Poseidon precisely.   

One outspoken AntiDryfusard was the artist Edgar Degas, a “ferocious anti-Semite”. 11   

Degas was a follower of La Libre Parole, published by the head of the Antisemitic League of France. Both the League and the publication commenced when T. Poseidon was square to the leader/publisher’s N. Mars.  He had same natal picture as Dreyfus: Mars=Kronos=Vulcanus=Poseidon.   (Edouard Drumont)

 Over 140 years later in France, Brigit Bardot has been convicted and fined 6 times for promoting racial hatred.  In letters she wrote responding to the Muslim practice of slaughtering sheep, she’s accused of “making racial insults in her writings about animal abuse”, using terms like “degenerate savages”. 12

 My personal opinion is that she’s probably a bigot, but her activity on behalf of animal right is “moral behavior” indeed.  When the natal aspect became exact by progression, she joined her animal rights foundation with an Indian foundation, holding annual meetings in a Buddhist pilgrimage spot.  The first meeting she attended was marked by 2 SA pictures: Mars/Poseidon SA Asc. and SA Sun  (Chart right).  She’s not a Buddhist but she continues to attend.  

 There are other aspects for harm in some religious context.  Pastor Clementa Pinckney was assassinated in a bible study class in church.  Although his natal Mars/Poseidon=Aries <30’ orb, he also had a tight Chiron/Poseidon aspect, which also appears regularly in similar, even identical, events. 

 His shooter had the north node of Chiron conjunct natal Poseidon.  T.  Poseidon was within minutes of his natal Chiron.  The event occurred with T. Mars=T. Poseidon.  (Dylan Roof)

 The  list of violent. politically motivated ideologues with Mars/Poseidon is long and varied.  Some of them are: 

David Koresh (Mars//Poseidon), Timothy McVeigh (Sun=Mars/Poseidon), Ted Kaczynski (MC=Mars/Poseidon),  Jim Jones (Mars=Saturn=Poseidon close to the AP), Gordon Liddy (Mars/Poseidon=Aries), Ayman al-Zawahiri  (Mars/Poseidon=Aries), Osama Bin Laden (Sun=Hades=Mars/Poseidon <38’ orb).

 Spanning the politically charged 60’s and 70’s were ultra-radicals Cathy Boudin, a founder of the Weather Underground who served 23 years in prison for killing 2 policemen in a robbery and Bill Ayers of the SDS and Weather Underground. who went on to bomb the Capital Building and the Pentagon.  (Boudin had Mars/Poseidon=Aries <17’ orb and Ayers had Mars/Poseidon=Aries 3’ orb) 

A leader in the 60's German Red Army Faction, Andreas Badder had a semi-octile of Mars=Poseidon, part of a larger picture MC=Mars=Saturn=Node=Cupido=Poseidon (and Juno). (Below left)  

He was radicalized by a riot which began as a noise complaint over late night music.  When the musicians were arrested, scuffles broke out, leading to four days of street battles between 40,000 young protesters and police on horses.  T. Poseidon was stationary, forming an antiscia to his natal Mars 10’ orb. 

When he  and his girlfriend protested the Viet Nam war by bombing a department store, his SR had an exact conjunction of  Mars and Poseidon On the day of the bombing, T. Mars was with Poseidon and explosive Uranus, all contacting his natal Uranus.  Note the Juno ingredient; his girlfriend participated and a department store was the target)

Dealing with belief driven conflict is part some peoples’ jobs.  Once Mayor of Bordeaux,  philosopher/essayist Michel de Montagne successfully moderated the hostilities between the local Catholics and Protestants.  Earlier in his career, he accompanied the king to a siege during the War of Religion.  When the siege began, P. Mars=N. Poseidon 3’ from exact.  When he arrived, Mars/Poseidon SA MC precisely.

 A victim of weapons and ideology who didn’t believe in either was Robert Oppenheimer, one of the casualties of the 1950’s Red Scare.  Due to his perceived association with Communists, the chief architect of the atomic bomb was denied his security clearance.  The revocation occurred with P. Mars was exactly square to his N. Poseidon.  No natal aspect.  P. Poseidon was exact with his Sun; after his clearance was revoked, he withdrew from professional life and spent his time sailing in the Caribbean with his family.                


James Baxter flagellated himself for the purpose of religious penance.  Also an activist for Māori culture and a religious convert.  (Mars//Poseidon)

 Henry III religious self-flagellation; murdered by a monk.  (N Mars qx Poseidon. 

Event: murder by a monk: : Mars/Poseidon SA Sun)


T.S. Eliot wrote Murder the in the Cathedral and was a religious convert. (Mars//Poseidon)

Louis Celine wrote A Fine Mess denouncing Jews, Freemasons and the Catholic Church.


 1 Ralph Waldo Emerson - Wikipedia










11  21 Facts About Edgar Degas | Impressionist & Modern Art | Sotheby’s (




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Uranian astrology and sign placements

Supreme Court Upholds Native American Adoption Law in Win for Tribal Rights (6/15/2023)

T. Mars in Leo square T. Poseidon/both =Aries

When events deal with children, Leo is a common ingredient.

Poseidon corresponds with beliefs and spirituality.  The white couple involved in the case was Evangelical, but Poseidon also describes the Native Americans.  Altho they define themselves as a political entity (important in this case), ethnic groups, and even nations associated with spirituality (Israel, India, indigenous people all over the world) are Poseiden entities.  

I don't often see the sign playing this descriptive a role in a Uranian aspect.

Another aspect that was descriptive was Uranus sqq Cupido, a change/upset in the family.
The family was described as " family in a fight to stay together", which they lost.  

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Jupiter/Vulcanus: Optimism, confidence and luck with travel


RPP:   Optimistic, confidence.

Mighty luck. Luck with many situations, including problematic ones

Success by force.

Might of money and finances.

My findings:  happy travel events, luck with out of town entities.  

        Long distances; sometimes central to dramatic events

        Mix with foreigners in one's own country

        Awesome trip, awesome location common on a transit, progression, SA

When important events happen at a distance or involve travel

U.S. pop stars whose huge careers were launched in Europe

        Justin Timberlake Sun=Asc=Jupiter=Apollon=Vulcanus (this picture includes Apollon/Vulcanus which is a fame aspect.  

      Events: Justin Timberlake joined band  P. Jupiter square Vulcanus exact

      Released 1st record in Germany 3' from exact

      Between exact and 3' from exact went to Europe to work with producer

       Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Sun=Jupiter/Vulcanus

       American wins French Medal of Honor  Natal + P. ssq exact Daniel Chester French

       Luck in another town: P. Jupiter square N. Vulcanus
  Singer debuts in NYC and discovered by scouts.  In October 1960,

       Singer moved to Memphis joined Grand Ole Opry
   P. exact: frequent TV appearances; , moved back and forth from Houston to Vancouver Willie     Nelson

       While performing in Georgia, James Brown contacted Little Richard who set him up with his       business connections. 

       Ferrari (Italian)  goes to battle with Alfa Romeo, racing with his own team
     N. + prog. 64H’ P. 3' from exact won the LeMans (France)  6/1949

       The first atomic bomb was created by a group of European physicists and American students,       T. Vulcanus triggered N. Jupiter/Vulcanus Robert Oppenheimer recruited them

       Luck in another town: P. Jupiter square N. Vulcanus
   Singer debuts in NYC and discovered by scouts.  In October 1960,

       Singer moved to Memphis joined Grand Ole Opry
   P. exact: frequent TV appearances; , moved back and forth from Houston to Vancouver Willie     Nelson

       While performing in Georgia, James Brown contacted Little Richard who set him up with his business connections. 

       "The Long March 1934-1935 Mao's P. Jupiter=P. Vulcanus 1932 and P. Jupiter=N. Vulcanus 1935

       Boris Karloff was born in England.  Early in his career his was touring small towns in Canada.  While in Saskatchewan, there was a devastating tornedo, he helped with cleanup  N. + prog. Exact 64H Boris Karloff.  This also symbolizes the far flung foreign tour 

     Bill Gates "  “The African Vacation That Changed Everything”  An African vacation with his wife inspired the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Natal Venus=Jupiter/Vulcanus.  Event: Jupiter/Vulcans SA Aries. 

    Jules Verne Around the World in 80 Days Mercury=Jupiter/Vulcanus

Optimistic, confidence
Mick Jagger natal chart

Psychologist Known as Dr. Happiness

Lottery Winner
P Jupiter=Vulcanus (64H)
DOB 6/19/1972  12:20AM Scotland
Won 8/10/2012


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RPP:  High flight of thought.  Scientific thinking.   Many talks, much speaking, talk with many.  Knowledge of languages, science of language

My findings:  Mercury activity (communication, transportation) involving distance or travel

 Speak, study, publish abroad.  Appear in international publication

        Travel writers   (Nodes in Gemini/Sag)

        Speak a foreign language; translation; linguists

        Speak, study, publish abroad.  Appear in international publication

        Travel writers   (Nodes in Gemini/Sag)

Some overlap with Mercury/Jupiter

    In the charts of 10 polyglots:

5 had major aspects of Mercury/Apollon
3 had minor aspects
2 had Pallas=Mercury/Apollon (working with foreign language)

Distance communication
. Inventor of the telephone (Sun=Mercury/Apollon - Alexander Graham Bell)
. Records in 6 languages (Barbra Streisand - Sun=Mercury/Apollon)
. Foreign newspaper scandal spoiled his life (Jerry Lee Lewis - Sun=Mercury/Apollon; 
   SR Hades=Mercury/Apollon, LR Chiron=Mercury/Apollon)
On progressions and transits
. First telegram (P. Apollon conjunct P. Mercury 9' orb - Samuel Morse)
. I'm translated into a foreign language (T. Apollon trine Mercury)
In a SR or a LR, most likely to manifest as a foreign language.  You're not necessarily speaking the foreign language.

Foreign cars
Vehicles used to transport long distances (railroads, trucks)
Many cars
Distribute cars

. Cabinet Secretary Department of Transportation Mercury opposite Apollon - Elaine Cho/she also            speaks at least one foreign language)
. Heads up Federal Railroad Administration (Mercury trine Apollon and Mercury//Kronos - Ronald Batery)
. Truckers Union (Sun=Mercury=Apollon - Jimmy Hoffa)
. Owns 286 vehicles, mostly foreign (Mercury=Apollon tight semi octile - Jay Leno)
. Popularized automobile (Mercury trine Apollon - Henry Ford)
.  Rode a bus called "Farther" (Mercury/Apollon=Aries - Ken Kesey)
.  Sang "Midnight Train to Georgia (Mercury//Apollon - Gladys Knight)

Venus/Apollon is one aspect for music and some other nice things


RPP: Friendship. Peace. Faithfulness. Harmon with many.
Science of art.  Science of music

NovaChartwheels: General harmony with many.   Many friendship

My findings
  • Music
  • Relationship with a foreigner or relationship involving travel


N. Sun=Venus=Apollon (64H/8')

Common in the charts of musicians

In a sample of 11 pop musicians
8 by major aspect or midpoint point picture with a major aspect
Gaga, Bob Dylan, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Susan Boyle
Minor aspect: Beyonce
Non-personal planets at the midpoint: Madonna and John Lennon

Classical music sample:
4 out of 8 by major aspect; 3 more by minor aspect
Brahms, Debussy, Puccini, Ravel, Satie, Schubert, Schumann and Stravinsky. 
Puccini had MC=Venus/Apollon (34' orb)
Schumann had Aries=Venus/Apollon (42' orb).  Sun=Venus/Apollon appeared in the charts Schubert Sun=Venus=Apollon (46' orb)
Ravel Venus//Apollon (3' orb).   
3 of the 8 had Venus/Apollon by minor aspect

Other illustrations:
American ethnomusicologist who studies music from cross-cultural perspective
(Complete picture: Sun=Mercury=Venus=Neptune=Apollon=Poseidon - Wayne Marshall)

American writer, a critic of rock musicians and their work N. Mercury=Venus/Apollon (64H/11') - Lester Bangs)

Made and played drums that were made from oil cans. (N. Neptune=Venus/Apollon)

Lead singer Haircut 100 (N. Juno=Venus/Apollon (22 1/2  and Juno 10th house - 20' orb - Nick Heyward)

A self-taught left-handed guitarist was right-handed, but he had lost almost all of the second finger on his left hand in an accident. He also played the guitar upside down and left-handed (Chiron=Cupido=Venus/Apollon - Slim Whitman Jan. 23, 1923)

In the news: 
11/16/2010 Venus station conjunct Apollon--Beatle songs available for sale on i-tunes; the 1st time they are available in mp3 format.

Other Venus/Apollon delineations:

 Partner, friends from a distance, travel together.  Partner is well traveled 

         Overlap with other Apollon aspects, e.g., Moon/Apollon, Node/Apollon 

          ? Weirdly high incidence of banishing people, their friends and enemies.  

Mating in Samoa (Margaret Meade Venus/Apollon=Aries)

Hemingway Venus/Apollon=Aries 3' orb 
Event: Marries and moves to Paris 1921 SR.  Same SR Apollon=Sun/Moon

Event: woman meets fiance while on a trip.  SR and LR Venus=Apollon 

Friend N. Venus=Apollon; married to foreigner

Met South African woman he married Natal + SA Venus/Apollon (Albert II)

Mary I met and married  Philip of Spain Natal + transit Venus/Apollon (Mary I/)

Philip of Spain married 4 foreign women Natal Venus=Apollon=Node=Jupiter=Cupido   When he married Mary, he had P. Cupido=Apollon.  There’s an overlap between Venus and Cupido


???Lottery Winner: T. Venus square Apollon




RPP: Experience.  Many hours.  Multitude of people.  Spreading of a people.  Many nations.

My findings: Foreign woman; traveling woman. 


           Wife named UN Goodwill Ambassador Natal + progression exact  (Ted Turner/Jane Fonda)

             A woman who never traveled but when progression was 1’ orb, her brother married a French          woman.  They became so close, the French woman was at her side when she died.  (Jane Austen)

             Literature: Author of Berlin Stories inspired by the German roommate of a British person

Sun/Apollon and profession

Sun/Apollon  RPP Success Fame Honors
NovaChartwheels Men of success.  To be known everywhere
Glory, honor, dignity, success

 A useful midpoint picture for profession.  Natal Sun=Apollon or Sun/Apollon=Aries Is a very good indication of  professional success 

When Sun=Apollon by SA, progression or in the SR or LR, by major or minor aspect, there’s a job event ranging in importance from an interview to a job offer. 

Iin a SR by major or minor aspect points to a strong career year, a new job, etc.
In a LR there's likely to be a good job event that month
  • Obama won 2008 election: SR Sun/Apollon=Aries  (also Jupiter/Uranus=Aries)   
  • Harold Pinter won Nobel Prize LR Sun/Apollon=Aries 64H 6' orb he won the Nobel Prize.  Of course he had other pictures, but this is a compelling example. 
  • Bob  Dylan won Nobel Prize P. Sun=Apollon 64H/1' orb
  • Mark Zuckerberg Facebook goes public; P. Sun=Sun/Apollon 1' orb 
  • Justin Trudeau's got a natal Sun/Apollon square.  (Sun in Cap) Progressed Apollon  1' from his Sun, by major aspect;.  That's rare. He won election.  Also progressed Sun was close but not exact with a 135 degree aspect with the natal Sun/Apollon picture. 

Commonly Sun/Apollon pictures refer to your own career,.  But by progression and in the SR there are many instances it refers to an important or successful person with whom you you’re associated.  

  • When Carla Bruni met Sarkozi P. Sun=Apollon exactly.
  • Francoise Gilot met Picasso with P. Sun semi-octile Apollon
  • My husband worked with a famous poet when T. Apollon was conjunct husband's natal sun. 
  • attended someone else's award ceremony P. Sun conjunct N. Apollon 

Planets at the natal midpoint describes details about profession. 
The profession itself; the quality of professional condition; level of success

When Sun=Apollon and also = a 3rd point, the person will be successful (Sun-Apollon) and the 3rd planet will be a detail about profession.

For example, Jeff Bezos has Sun=Apollon=Moon and his wife was instrumental in starting Amazon and making it successful.

Mercury=Sun/Apollon work with publication, education, transportation, siblings

Writer Mickey Spillane Mercury=Sun/Apollon (64H/8')  3/9/1918 12:10AM Brooklyn NY

Uncle was instrumental in his becoming King of England
 King Edward VII Mercury=Sun/Apollon

Married to a writer. Marilyn Monroe Mercury=Sun/Apollon

John D. Rockefeller Jr.
?  Father was in the oil industry, but exerted lots of control in the railroad industry, which transported his oil??

Brother of a close associate becomes his manager
Jose Carreras Mercury=Sun/Apollon

Father is a driver; son's Mercury=Sun/Apollon

Venus=Sun/Apollon work with partner, maybe work in art
Celene Dion Does Venus here symbolize the singing or working with the partner?

Jay-Z N. Venus=Sun/Apollon married to Beyonce

Jupiter=Sun/Apollon work with out of towners; travel for work; work in travel
U.N. General Secretary Jupiter=Sun/Apollon <50 orb="" p="">
also Pallas=Vesta=Apollon; Also  Jupiter=Cupido=Vulcanus
Javier Perez de Cuellar 1/19/1920 Lima, Peru no tob

Oprah natal Saturn=Sun/Apollon!  RPP delineations: Educational activity
When P. Saturn=Sun/Apollon exactly there were no special educational events that were chronicled.   Career going fine, except
“More than 1,900 letters of outrage over an Oprah segment on teen sex have been dumped into the lap of the Federal Communications Commission – complaining that the broadcast was too racy for TV and demanding that Winfrey be cited for indecency.”

Neptune=Sun/Apollon work with medicine, liquids, alcohol, drugs
Psychologist Carl Jung N.Neptune=Sun/Apollon (major aspect/28' orb)  
Sun conjunct Apollon square Neptune which is right at the midpoint. DOB 7/26/1875 7:30PM Switzerland

French physician and physiologist considered the founder of modern endocrinology. 
N. Neptune/Vulcanus=Aries=Sun/Apollon (64H/6' orb) Charles Brown Sequard 

Soviet sleeper agent Neptune=Aries=Sun/Apollon October 9, 1942

SR Neptune=Sun/Apollon:
SR for retired physician returned to work to give Covid vax
2 SR's major customer was a physician
 LR Got a financial job in an international pharmaceutical firm 

financial consultant Pluto=Sun=Apollon 64H  (also Pluto=Pallas major aspect exact
8/9/1953 11:03AM Seattle

This was a surprise::
Ross Ulbricht Silk Road Pluto=Sun/Apollon
He was into bitcoin...he also had Sun=Uranus/Pluto
And...natal Mercury=Neptune (sent drugs thru the mail) 3/27/1984 4:50 AM Austin, Texas

Mark Twain
N. Cupido=Sun/Apollon
P. Cupido station=Sun/Apollon for many years of success as novelist
I don't understand this actually

Successful criminal   Sun=Hades=Apollon Dmitry Firtash

Anna Magnani played earthy types.   N. Sun conjunct Hades (Sun=Apollon=Hades)

Julian  Assange  DOB 7/3/1971 3PM Townsville Australia

Real estate foreclosure professional
12/26/1972 8:08PM Houston, Tx

Jerry Fallwell Jr. N. Sun=Moon=Saturn=Neptune=Hades=Apollon=Zeus
He's fired from his job as a result of an unzipped photo on a boat with a woman who wasn't his wife.
could it be that this one episode is in his natal professional picture??

Zeus=Sun/Apollon professional soldiers
Some Nobel Prize winners have natal or SR Zeus=Sun/Apollon (Nobel's association with explosives)
Bob Dylan had P. Jupiter=P. Zeus when he won

Woman's son joins military for a career. Her P. Zeus=Sun/Apollon

Here's an unusual example
P. Zeus=Sun/Apollon murderer convicted
Patrice Costa
8/9/1966 8AM France

Kronos=Sun/Apollon one  Kronos picture for leadership
John Q. Adams US President Kronos=Sun/Apollon
also Kronos=Saturn/Uranus

This gives some perspective on Kronos:
Major cooking authority Escoffier had Kronos=Sun/Apollon
He was a big authority in his field but not connected with government at all.  

Sun=Apollon=Poseidon=Aries organized arts community with a credo
"For the purpose of forming a community of the arts, of individuals and groups, of poets, actors, dancers, painters, musicians, photographers, sculptors, film-makers, and all those vitally interested in the creative expression of man.... We believe that the artistic community has reached a new stage of development. In a mobile society, it is no longer sufficient for the creative individual to remain in isolation. We feel the hunger of a society lost in its own vacuum and rise with an open active commitment to forward a new spirit for mankind."

P Ceres=Sun/Apollon Richard Branson's Virgin StartUp  has a Foodpreneur Fest offering UK's best food and drink start up finalists the chance to participate in a taste off with a panel of prestigious judges 

N. Ceres=Sun/Apollon !! Ken Burns says his mother's death central motivating factor in career.

N. Ceres=Sun/Apollon Zoologist Robin, Charles-Philippe
same picture another zoologist (biologist) Sir John Bertrand Gurdon

Sun//Apollon//Ceres Gwynneth Paltrow

Fashion designer Gianfranco Ferre  Juno=Sun/Apollon (64H/exact) Also Juno in 10th house.
DOB 8/15/1944 8:15AM Italy

N. Juno=Sun/Apollon (64H/3') Tommy Hilfiger - clothing designer
DOB 3/24/1951 3AM Elmira, NY

Warren Buffett=Sun=Apollon=Juno
Berkshire Hathaway was textile manufacturer

largest shareholder French haute couture Bernard Arnault 0+Sun=Apollon=Juno major aspect
Also Sun=Apollon

N. Juno=Sun/Apollon (64H/12') Make-up artist who became known for his long-time association with Oprah Winfrey (see Moon=Apollon/Vulcanus)
Reggie Wells DOB December 1947 at 06:30 AM Baltimore MD,

Andrew Cunanon murdered a famous fashion designer Versace N. Sun=Juno=Apollon

P. Juno=Sun/Apollon Eliz 1 boyfriend hosts big costume party for her. 7/9/1575

Client interviews at Avon (doesn't get job) SR Juno=Sun/Apollon (64H)

Vesta Vesta=Sun/Apollon

Temp job LR Admetos=Sun/Apollon (64H)

N. Chiron=Sun/Apollon
  • Inventor "evicted" from his own project (excluded from the process)
  • Successful athlete who only signed 1 year contracts
  • 1 Instance of Chiron profession: psychologist
P. Chiron=Sun/Apollon
  • Spielberg gets hired for Jaws (???)
  • Colette begins music hall career
  • Louis XIV 5/1705 Death of King Leopold means a bigger French kingdom for him (in his future)
  • Leonardo da Vinci arrested for sodomy April 1476, no record of any work for 2 years afterward
  • Oliver Cromwell not knighted when he ignored compensating new king
  • Albert Einstein fails one part of polytech entrance exam; teacher says 'he'll never amount to anything"
Artists with Chiron=Sun/Apollon
  • Steven King--Carrie, Misery (wounded healer), Green Mile (imprisoned healer)
  • Van Morrison--used to sing with his eyes shut
  • Stacey Dash once more
1 Psychologist w Chiron=Sun/Apollon

T. Chiron conjunct MC
  • DeGaulle joins Allies but remains aloof
  • Churchill comback 10 years after being rejected from government

Apollon by itself also has to do with distances and with breaking through barriers.  
There also appears to be a correspondence with spanning time...Sun/Apollon appears in the horoscopes of some historians.