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  • Unusual family, unconventional ties; surprises through family or connections
  • Technical and science organizations
  • Art and tech 
  • Experimental or independent artist.
In the days before tech, this often meant contacts with idealists or with non-conformists. Louisa May Alcott had it.

L. Ron Hubbard
Natal Mercury=Mars=Uranus=Cupido
P. Uranus station with P. Cupido (end of 1940's to end of 1960's) never more than 1' orb
Scientology is launched and proliferates

There's at least one example of commoner marrying royalty (Queen Sonja of Norway)

Today, it usually corresponds with technical or scientific organization; art and technology or experiment. (Even Scientology used tech) Less often, it describes organizations that are idealists, reformers or rebels.

N. Uranus=Cupido=Vulcanus (64H/approx 5' orb)
Early beebop artist Frank Morgan DOB 12/23/1933

N. Uranus=N.Cupido (64H/5' orb)
Steve Jobs (He also has Uranus/Chiron=Aries and Uranus/Hades=Aries)

N. Uranus square Cupido (approx. 5' orb)
Franz von Suppé DOB 4/8/1819
Composer who died in 1895 but his works are used in animated cartoons today.
Also Pallas trine Uranus (approx 1 degree orb)

N. Uranus=Cupido (22 1/2 approx 24' orb)
Avant guard artist known for combining technology and chance with art before others. Connections with other bohemian artists. (Also Uranus/Hades=Aries) DOB 10/2/1917

N. Jupiter=Uranus=Cupido (64H/approx 7' orb)
Artist who created the Rocketeer, one of the 1st sensations of independent comics movement.
He's got both art & technology as well as experimental attributes of art.

T. Uranus=Cupido (near Mars/Cupido)
Elvis Costello stops mid song and sings "Radio, Radio" on SNL.  Banned from show for 12 years.

Here's an interesting one about a rebellious woman in Seattle who became a folk hero for holding on to her home when commercial developers offered her a million dollars to sell.  And they built around her.
Edith Macefield N. Uranus=Cupido=Vulcanus=Saturn/Vesta within 46' of the Aries Point.


.  Scientology was born when  L. Ron Hubbard  had P. Uranus opposite Cupido (+they use tech             methods)
   Natal Mercury=Mars=Uranus=Cupido;  when it was triggered by a  transit of Mercury and Chiron,     his son committed suicide in a car

 .  David Yancy won Virginia election  by drawing a lot.  T. Uranus was opposite natal Cupido.

    Ayanna Pressley won an upset primary N. Uranus//Cupido -- P. Uranus//Cupido 1' orb
    DOB 2 3 1973

Brigitte Neilson family intervention T. Uranus=Cupido

Serial killer Mark Dixon
Natal Uranus/Cupido aspect triggered by T. Zeus conjunct N. Cupido
 on day of first murder
T. Zeus conjunct N. Cupido

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