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Learning disabilities (some incidence of autism)
Injuries resulting from vehicles
Injured siblings
Publications associated with heath (see also Mercury/Neptune)
Some incidence of Alzheimers

Publications associated with abuses

Karen Silkwood T. Mercury antiscia Chiron when she had car accident that killed her.  11/13/1974

Ross McWhirter killed by IRA bomb in his car T. Chiron=Mecury 11/17/1975

Meir Baba bad auto accidents; stayed silent for many years (also Mercury=Hades)

T. Mercury square T.Chiron 5/10/2005
Sloane-Kettering names research center for Morton Zuckerman, owner of The Daily News and US News and World Report after huge donation. (He had T. Neptune on Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.)

T. Mercury station antiscia T.Chiron 10/29/2006
Gallaudet University (for the deaf) gives up on new leader after protests.

A Study Links Trucks’ Exhaust to Bronx Schoolchildren’s Asthma
2007 Medicare handbook, new government publication being sent to all Medicare beneficiaries is said to favor private insurance plans over the traditional government-run program.

Dennis Kucinich DOB 10/8/1946 5:53 AM Cleveland, OH
Brother committed suicide 12/19/2007
Solar return 10/8/2007
Mercury/Chiron=Aries (5.37.30 / 6’ orb)
(see Mercury/Neptune, Mercury/Pluto)

MC=Mercury/Chiron Malcolm X later said that three of his uncles, one of whom was lynched, died violently at the hands of white men. His father was killed by a streetcar.

Nixon 2 brothers died before he was 21.

Sylvia Lukins sibling had polio Mercury/Chiron=Aries

Gary Shandling Mercury Conjunct Chiron Brother had cystic Fibrosis; and car accident

Ferdinand Marcos, his father and 2 uncles were prosecuted for murder. 

Nasser mother died giving birth to brother.

Bhumipol, King of Thailand brother shot

Benetton sibs--controversal ads including aids victims and death row inmates

Toulouse Lautrec N. Mercury=Chiron (=Saturn=Juno) brother died and his parents were cousins--problems arose came from cousins marrying, inbreeding.

Ted Turner Mercury=Chiron (=Vesta=Jupiter=Pluto)  When he was 15, his 12 year old sister developed terminal lupus.  "She used to go around the apartment and run into the padded walls and say "God I'm in such pain, please let me die."

Thomson Highway (name)  his brother died of AIDS; Thomson wrote Kiss of the Fur Queen.[The novel presents an uncompromising portrait of the sexual abuse of Native children in residential schools and its traumatic consequences;

Ted Kennedy brothers and cars 

Vehicular issues:

"Highway rapist" Sun conjunct Mercury conjunct Chiron
Belliard, DanielGender: M
born on27 January 1956 at 20:30 (= 8:30 PM )
PlaceSt-Lo, France

John Connelly in the car when JFK was assassinated

David Berkowitz (64H ) Son of Sam killed people in their cars

N. South Node Chiron conjunct N. Mercury
Pierre Curie killed by moving wagon wheel

Degaulle Mercury=Hades=Chiron=Vesta
While a POW, de Gaulle wrote his first book, "L'Ennemi et le vrai ennemi" (The Enemy and the True Enemy)

Boursicot aka Mme. Butterfly passed secret documents to Chinese to get his family out of China

?Cougat given the answers in rigged quiz show

Hans Christian Andersen lived at schoolmaster's home.  Abused 'to improve his character".  Faculty discouraged him from writing, causing depression.  Wrote about lonely alienated.

N. South Node Chiron conjunct N. Mercury
Pierre Curie killed by moving wagon wheel

N. Sun conjunct Chiron (=Mercury - 64/12') Wallis Annenberg whose bro committed suicide. But philanthopies include plenty of causes that include Mercury.

Ravel-auto accident and Alzheimers

Host of Car Talk (Tom Magliozzi) Mercury conjunct Chiron (also=Vesta??) Also south node in Gemini
A call in show about car problems.  Close call in a tiny sports car ("weighed about 50 pounds) when cut off by a semi-truck.  Died of Alzheimers complications.

Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt 
Killed unpopular freeway; revived auto industry
Report to the President from the Sec'y of Transportation

“To strengthen their threatened positions…The uncertain demand for autos
deregulate the airline, trucking and railroad industries. 

Nominated for Oregon State Board of Higher Education, investigation led to revelation about affair w 14 year old.  On May 6,2 004 under pressure from newspaper, Goldschmidt publicly announced that he had engaged in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Article won pulizer prize. When article appeared P. Sun=P. Chiron 7’ away from Mercury (by hamonic aspect) Confessional letter on front page of Oregonian newspaper one day later.
Lunar return Mercury/Chiron=Aries (harmonic 7’ orb)

Goldschmidt's driver at the start of his term and later became a sheriff, was widely rumored to be romantically involved with Goldschmidt's wife Margie

Killed by her brother
Natal Mercury=Chiron 135
 Qandeel Baloch 3/1/1990

Ruth Abrams helped write a handbook that guided state court personnel and the police on how to treat women and avoid sexist language and behavior. The handbook advised against inappropriate touching, remarks about pregnancy and dismissive language, giving examples like “little lady,” “sweetie” and “pretty girl.” Mercury=Chiron semi octile <30 12="" dob="" no="" orb="" span="" tob="">
Annabelle Neilson March 31, 1969


Etc Stan Rogers death by smoke inhalation in air accident

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