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Financial loss or delay. Finances or financial results are lessened or diminished. Cheated out of money; financially unsustainable situation; financial burdens

By transit there is often a delay or even a problem regarding money or material resources, sometimes specifically involving a bank, investment.

Mao was born with Saturn=Pluto sqq 29' orb.  During the 31 year period when he led China, P. Pluto was never more than 3' from natal Saturn.

P. Saturn=N. Pluto (22 1/2 exact) King Juan Carlos family member in financial scandal.  Juan Carlos "for the first time detailed the yearly royal budget of 8.3 million euro, excluding expenses such as the electricity bill, paid by the State"

P. Saturn=Pluto
Clients's father was owed a great deal of money but former biz associates; money held up for several months; ultimately lost.

T. Saturn TRINE N. Pluto
Thaksin Shinawatra 7/26/1949
Thai Court Seizes $1.4 Billion From Ex-Premier

T. Saturn square Pluto (and T. Pluto=N. Saturn/Uranus)
Insurance company denies claim.

T. Neptune=Saturn/Pluto
Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, standing beside a damaged yacht, Tuesday accused the Israeli navy of ramming the vessel to halt the delivery of medical supplies to the embattled Gaza Strip. Neptune symbolizes both the boat and the medical supplies.

Art example:  Job involves playing role of a less wealthy person:
P. Pluto=station = N. Saturn 64H/exact 1949; never more than 3' away til 1987.
Lucille Ball
Successul radio show.  Rich banker husband character dropped for working class character.
"I Love Lucy" P. Pluto 1' away 1951; glamourous/rich bandleader husband +wife character replaced with still more working class characters, elg. lived in an apartment

P. Pluto stationary retrograde 1 year from exact; Lucy's gamble on Star Trek paid off in the long run, but it was not soon enough for Desilu. 1967 - before Star Trek was even canceled - Desilu was sold to Paramount. 

Gwyneth Paltrow SR Ceres=Saturn/Pluto 64H
Attempts to live on $29/week food budget

Abagail Johnson Fidelity Investmests heiress

Saturn=Pluto (64H/between 4-11' orb)

DOB 1/7/1962

Diamond Jim Brady Aries=Saturn/Pluto

Both times he declared bankruptcy, Saturn/Pluto appeared in Donald Trump's solar returns.

Vulcanus =Saturn/Pluto (64H/9' orb)

(Also had Vulcanus=Saturn/Uranus in same 1992 SR)

Saturn=Pluto (22 1/2 w 15' orb) 2004 SR

(Also Pluto=Admetos (64/2')

P. Pluto to Saturn (64H/exact)

Appeared in client's chart when her father was owed money; it was withheld & then returned.

Debbie Reynolds filed for bankruptcy in 1997.

Saturn=Venus/Pluto (64H/3' orb)

In 10/1987 a stockbroker client had P. Moon=Saturn/Pluto when the market fell over 500 points.

N. Kronos=Saturn/Pluto (22 1/2 w 4'orb)

"Presidents often availed themselves of his business acumen, sometimes at moments when the murk of national and world economics seemed to call for just such a penetrating eye as he possessed."

Bernard Barch

T. Pluto stationed on the picture March 1918. Appointed by President Wilson as Chairman of War Industries Board.

P. Vesta=Saturn/Pluto

Appeared in my husband's chart when his aunt's home (he was executor) was sold for what we thought of as a good price. But didn't receive proceeds for many months and considerably diminished by taxes.

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