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VESTA/ZEUS Relocate to a hot climate
Home heating; solar power, possibly global warming
War zones
Real estate dispute (William Penn and Pennsylvania)
(Rare) bomb in home

Some small evidence--volcanoes
New Zealand volcano erupts 12//9/2019 White Island Vesta=Zeus semi octile 2' orb

Real estate dispute
William Penn and Pennsylvania

Protracted legal dispute as the building’s majority shareholder, a bookseller in Baltimore, first sought to buy her out, then threatened to evict her Mercury=Vesta=Zeus
Edith O'Hara Feb. 15, 1917

Art: Battle of Lights, Coney Island, Joseph Stella /Vesta/Zeus=Aries 64H

Diana Vesta//Zeus; Pallas=Zeus 24'
Person who succeeded Diana: N. Vesta=Zeus=Apollon-Vulcanus
Queen Noor Vesta/Apollon=Zeus
Another Landmine person N. Vesta=Zeus

Oversaw refugee operations during a time of ravaging conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, East Timor and other regions, as well as the return of refugees to their homes after wars in Cambodia and Ethiopia. Vesta=Zeus semi octile 14' orb DOB 9/16/1927

Some prisoners of war:

   John McCain - Vesta/Zeus=Aries (major aspect w 36' orb)
   Noor Inayat Khan
   POW Can also have Vesta/Hades or Vesta/Admetos or Vesta=Chiron/Zeus or even Saturn/Vulcanus

Military Hospitals:
Head of Walter Reed Army Hospital N. Vesta=Zeus=Neptune 6/25/1913; also N. Chiron=Vesta/Zeus

Collette ran hospital for soldiers in husband's home Venus=Zeus=Vulcanus (46' orb)

Nuclear Energy creators Fermi and Sziland both ad Vesta/Zeus

McVeigh Vesta/Zeus SA Aries
Oklahoma City bombing; looked for Vesta/Kronos (government bldg) but SA connected with Vesta/Zeus; N. Sun=Hades/Kronos; Sun=Chiron/Kronos

Norwegian terrorist and the confessed perpetrator of the 2011 attacks in Norway. On 22 July 2011, Breivik bombed the government buildings in Oslo, which resulted in eight deaths. He then carried out a mass shooting at a camp of the Workers' Youth League of the Labour Party on the island of Ut√łya where he killed 69 people, mostly teenagers.  SA VESTA/ZEUS MC

Prussian Soldiers occupied Flaubert home (N. Opposition)

Global warming; Solar Power

Roger Revele "grandfather of global warming" Vesta=Zeus (and Uranus)

On a day when T. Vesta was on the Antiscia of Zeus:

Major event resulting from planetary warming and another involving solar powered home heating.

Western Antarctic Ice Chunk Collapses on the same day.

California Utility to Install Solar Panels to Power 160,000 homes.

Homes described by Vesta/Zeus

Home on Fire Island P. Vesta-Zeus
Remodeled fireplace; P. Vesta/Zeus picture
Noel Coward; Firefly Estate;
Roosevelt Warm Springs  
Brando, Branson, Sean Connery tropical island
 Redford and Sundance
Walt Whitman Printing trade til fire closed  business.
Teapot collector  
Factory w kilns '

News event: Fire in Brazil Museumm 9//2/2018
Vesta wide Square to Cupido (more than 1 degree)
Vesta=Zeus 19' orb (=Pluto)

Woolsey Fire started November 8, 2018 T.Pluto=T. Vesta=T.Zeus
Mylie Cyrus home burned N. Saturn=Vesta=Zeus  w T. Chiron triggering 1 degree orb (and Jupiter conjunct Sun!)  
Gerard Butler Zeus SA Vesta 8' orb
Neil Young N. Vesta=Zeus; T. Uraus triggered aspect closely; T. Saturn a few days later
Shannon Doherty N. Vesta=Zeus
Robin Thicke P. Vesta=Zeus 64H/1' orb

Lawsuit with neighbor who wasn't allowed to rebuild after fire Louis Bacon 7/25/956 Vesta=Zeus semi octile

Some correlation with stars

George Lucas Jupiter=Vesta/Zeus; Star Wars opened T. Jupiter=Jupiter/Vesta Zeus 5/25/1977
Harrison Ford Sun=Vesta/Zeus
Carrie Fisher Vesta/Zeus=Aries 20' orb
Mark Hammil Vesta/Zeus=Aries 64H close orb

But Van Gogh painted Starry Night with Zeus SA Cupido.

Scientist who wrote: "Parallax of Sirius"
Other writings might be Vesta/Zeus too: : Saint Helena Volcanic Island; tropical island of Barbados. Astronomer Maskalyne Sun=Vesta/Zeus.

Von Humboldt; geographer first described South America; studies plants in different climates; studied volcanoes in South America

In the news:
1/30/2007 Old Williamsburgh Candle Corp. is recalling about 3.7 million Mason Jar candles. The wick can move from the center of the jar to the side causing the glass to overheat and possibly crack or shatter.

1/30/2007 Ancient remains of hearth found

Location or container with heat or fire attribute.

Natal Vesta/Zeus in chart of client who collects teapots.

Head of Walter Reed Army Hospital DOB 6/25/1913
N. Vesta=Zeus (=Neptune) (22 1/2) also Chiron=Vesta/Zeus
Natal Vesta=Zeus=Vulcanus (semi-square/within 47' of each other)
Adolph Hitler, associated with gas chambers, 'ovens'. Poisoned himself in a bunker when Neptune transited this point.

Client with P.Vesta/Zeus bought a house on Fire Island.
Client with P. Vesta/Zeus remodeled fireplace.

N. Vesta//Zeus
Princess Di who worked with cause to eliminate land mines.

Vesta/Zeus also appears in the charts of some prisoners of war:
John McCain - Vesta/Zeus=Aries (major aspect w 36' orb)
Harold E. Fischer Jr., an American Flier Tortured in a Chinese Prison - Vesta=Zeus (=Jupiter=Uranus)=Aries (64H/approx 14' orb) DOB 5/8/1925

Head of fallout shelter program
Vesta=Zeus (64H) also Vesta/Admetos=Aries (22 1/2 35' orb) & Vesta/Admetos=Vulcanus (22 1/2 about 10' orb)

SR Vesta=Zeus Demi Moore when she visits Haiti earthquake victims

Diana Mitford lived in "Temple de la Gloire" built to honor a French military victory.  Died of a stroke during a heat wave in an apt. with no AC..

Explorer of Gobi Desert
Roy Chapman

In the news:
1/30/2007 Old Williamsburgh Candle Corp. is recalling about 3.7 million Mason Jar candles. The wick can move from the center of the jar to the side causing the glass to overheat and possibly crack or shatter.

1/30/2007 Ancient remains of hearth found

3/27/2008 Calif. Utility to Install Solar Panels to power 160,000 homes.

5/12/2008 Only outstanding picture I could see during the last huge Chinese earthquake
Vesta=Zeus and Uranus conjunct Vesta

3/25/2018 Putin P. Sun=Vesta/Zeus 2' orb

 Singular situations:
 Charles Steinmetz  created  artificial lightening “forger of  thunderbolts” in  indoor laboratory 
 Family fortune came from investment in mineral spring Neptune=Vesta=Zeus=Vulcanus  (Sping=Zeus)

Sylvia Plath SR Vesta=Zeus=Chiron suicide with head in the oven
Hitler also had Vesta=Zeus=Chiron natally

Harry Truman Vesta=Zeus=Aries
WWII housing issues
?? Vesta/Zeus
Rousseau "Jungles of Paris"

Abandoned in a firehouse as an infant
N. Vesta=Zeus=Mars=Pluto  
21 December 2000 at 05:10 (= 05:10 AM )
PlaceHouston TX, USA

110 dead in Bangladesh Fire
Vesta antiscia Zeus 2/20/2019

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