Friday, July 27, 2007


In the natal chart, it's usually relocation. A distant home or location

U.N. General Secretary
Javier Perez de Cuellar 1/19/1920 no tob

Brett Whiteley moves to Fiji
Vesta/Apollon SA Aries 

One of the many pictures for exile.

N. Vesta=Apollon=Admetos=Vulcanus (64H)
Wrote Treasure Island Robert Lewis Stevenson

N. Venus=Vesta=Apollon (64H/19')
Wife comes from another country Mikheil Saakashvili DOB 12/21/1967

Jimmy Buffett Natal Neptune=Vesta=Apollon 64H close orb

N. Vesta=Apollon (sqq)
Edward Snowden

Snowden's complete picture is Vesta=Kronos=Apollon.  A government issue is keeping him out.  Another government taking him in.  (When T. Uranus=this picture in Oct. 2013, the news reported he's going to do work with German government.  That just sounds like Uranus=Kronos/Apollon.  It'll unfold about whether the Vesta will be as obvious)

Vesta/Apollon is one of the many pictures for exile.

Architect of witness protection program "fashioned new identities for vulnerable witnesses"
and relocated them Vesta/Apollon=Aries (and N. Neptune/Chiron=Aries) DOB Oct. 18, 1933
I guessed these

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Unknown said...

Last year, my daughter left New York to relocate to Colorado. Her Vesta/Apollon midpoint was activated for all of these configurations:

Solar Return MC = Ves/Apo (64H/5')
Lunar Return Mars = Ves/Apo (64H/1')
Progressed Mercury = Ves/Apo (64H/7')
Transiting Jupiter = Ves/Apo (64H/1')

Just one case, but pretty convincing