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·        Old Home/location
·        Rustic home; rural home
·        Depressed areas; housing projects
·        Disrepair (even while it's being repaired, it's often a mess)
Some overlap w Vesta/Chiron= home a or property that's in disrepair

?? Bathrooms?

Depressed areas; squalor

lawrence ferlinghetti coney island of the mind

Auto manufacturer John Delorean sought out a country with a depressed economy to build a factory; chose  Northern Ireland, which offered financial incentive by the government. 
N. Sun=Vesta/Hades 9' orb; T. Pluto station squared Sun/Vesta/Hades 10/1978. 
(This could also have been described by Vesta/Apollon)

Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels studied squalid English slum conditions;  Engels was working in father's cotton factory in England.  ( Marx N. Sun=Vesta/Hades 14'; Engels N. Vesta=Hades (=Juno) 32' orb)

Harry Truman worked as a railroad timekeeper sleeping in hobo camps near the rail lines.  His
"Housing Act" aimed at slum clearance and urban renewal.  (N. Sun=Vesta/Hades 9' orb)

Steve Jobs stopped maintaining a home, intending to demolish and rebuild; there was a legal battle and it never happened.  N. Vesta=Hades 38' orb; part of larger picture Pluto=Vesta=Chiron=Hades=Kronos 52'
P. Hades=Vesta he moved and left the home for others to rent. 

Herbert Hoover
Pallas=Hades (=Vesta=Saturn)
Vesta=Hades (Near Pallas and Saturn)

Margaret Thatcher controversy over public housing N. Vesta=Hades

Jakob Fugger Vesta conjunct Hades built  The Fuggerei is the world's oldest social housing complex still in use. It is a walled enclave within the city of AugsburgBavaria. It takes its name from the Fugger family and was founded in 1516 by Jakob Fugger the Younger (known as "Jakob Fugger the Rich") as a place where the needy citizens of Augsburg could be housed

Pallas and Hades could be seen as the widespread unemployment and poverty of depression era presidency, but the picture needs to be read with Vesta
"Hooverville" homeless, unemployed people set up housing  Saturn=Pallas=Vesta=Hades

and Rapidam Fishing Camp "I have been amazed to find so wild an area existing here so close to eastern cities"

Marie Antoinette acquired her luxurious private escape Le Trianon
Rustic compared to palace
P. Hades=Vesta 1' orb

T. Vesta=natal Hades
I visit Tenement Museum

Kurt Vonnegut "Slaughterhouse 5" Vesta=Hades=Node (22 1/2)
How he came to write it:  Went to Dresden in 1967; found buildings still in ruins. "Vonnegut had not appreciated the sheer scale of destruction in Dresden"

Client with N. Vesta=Juno=Mars/Hades
Years of litigation over mistake architectural error


Architect who designs houses based on Pompei Vesta=Hades/Vulcanus

One of several possibilities for archaeology and ruins; Vesta/Chiron


James Joyce' wrote about "the squalor and monotony" of Dublin life.  In real life,  his brother lived with him:  said "a household such as was the squalor of a drunken generation". (N. Sun=Vesta/Hades 9' orb)

Left: Emile Zola's characters come out of slums or sink into shabby conditions.  (N. Sun=Vesta/Hades 13' orb)
Right: Victor Hugo, Les Miserables (N. Sun=Vesta/Hades 48' orb)

Secret locations; crime

Marie Antoinette acquired her luxurious private escape Le Trianon
P. Hades=Vesta 1' orb
This could indicate the rural attribute.  Everything is relative--rough compared to palace in Paris

Empress Carlota
Relocated from luxurious Brussels to less luxurious Mexico in 19th century...did a tour the ruins
She also had Vesta/Chiron (there is an overlap between Hades and Chiron; both Vesta/Hades and Vesta/Chiron can symbolize a home with fewer ameneties

Crime; conditions of captivity

2 instances of fraud + real estate:
N. Sun=Vesta/Hades; N. Hades=Saturn/Vesta 10' orb.
 (2nd chart also had: Vesta=Saturn/Pluto

Kidnapped and held in a secret basement bunker N. Sun=Vesta/Hades 15' orb; also Vesta/Admetos
P. Sun=Vesta Hades 12' orb (also Vesta/Admetos)

Leon Blum imprisoned in the section of a concentration camp reserved for high-ranking prisoners. His future wife chose to come to the camp voluntarily to live with him inside the camp. N. Venus=Vesta=Hades=Vulcanus.  

Himmler opens Mauthausen in  June, 1942 sex in concentration camp
P. Venus=Pluto=Vesta=Hades

Victim/wrote about Japanese internment Vesta=Hades 64H October 25, 1824 no TOB


News: 8/17/2019 detention centers planned in India t. Neptune=Vesta=Hades =Apollon=Vulcanus

Norman Carlson, Forceful Head of U.S. Prisons 8/10/1933

Queen Elizabeth N. Mercury=Mars=Vesta=Cupido=Hades
Her sister loved to throw wild parties.
Example of a multi-planetary picture where Hades describes Cupido, not Vesta.  The homes are sumptuous. 

 Every day event with Vesta/Hades: home needs repair

Kurt Vonnegut (Slaughterhouse 5)
Also had natal Ceres/Vesta=Aries exact; survived the war in a meat locker

 John Demjanjuk (Nazi prison guard)

Both had Vesta/Hades pictures.

Demjanjuk had Saturn=Vulcanus=Vesta=Hades
That includes Saturn/Vulcanus=incarceration

Auschwitz incarceration: Vulcanus=Vesta/Hades  (also Juno=Vesta/Hades??)

Music manager introduced NWA, promoted gangsta rap to mainstream. 
Natal Cupido/Hades=Aries
First record released  was "Straight Outta Compton" (also natal Vesta=Hades)
DOB 10/6/1940 Jerry Heller

Wildlife preserve DOB     2/20/1968 Vesta/Hades

Elvis had P. Vesta=Hades when he a bathroom.

prince charles clarence house; natal vesta=hades; p hades 1’ from exact 2002
mance founder of montreal (had to loan money that was loaned for hospital to fight iroquois)
robert downey jr. photo august 25. 1999

Westerner whose career was associated with Cambodia
Vesta=Hades=Admetos 8/91931
Bernard Krisher

Francis I participated in event which transformed uninhabitable location to magnificence.
N. Picture triggered by Pluto

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