Friday, July 27, 2007


Work+location. Office; workers in the home.

Natal Vesta/Pallas=Aries (22 1/2 less than 16' orb)
Commercial real estate developer DOB 11/20/1937

N. Vesta/Pallas=Aries
Joined family construction biz.

Natal Vesta=Pallas (64H)
Client organizes peoples' homes.

An instance of housing for workers: Trying to solve the issue of labor unrest and poverty, he also built a company town adjacent to his factory; it featured housing, shopping areas, churches, theaters, parks, hotel and library for his factory employees. 
George Pullman (trains)Natal Pallas//Vesta 38' orb
DOB 5/3/1931 no TOB

The architect for Pullman's housing project  had Vesta/Pallas square
Solon Spencer Berman October 1, 1853 

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