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Money+Relgion; Money+Ideologies.  Donations
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N. Pluto=Poseidon (square/3' orb)
Founder of Opus Dei a religious group that 'accumulated banks and businesses and recruited wealthy people'. Josemaria Escriva de Lalaguer DOB 1/9/1902

Enver Hoxna Albanian dictator confiscated much of the church's property in the country Pluto=Poseidon 64H exact 16 October 1908

Bill Gates and Elon Musk
Musk made giant donation to Institute, working to “mitigate existential risk facing humanity” P. Poseidon=Pluto

Ramadev December 25, 1965 "Billionaire yogi"' built a business empire out of mass yoga camps and ayurvedic products

Dorothy Day Pluto=Node=Vesta=Juno=Poseidon
Over several decades, the Catholic Worker attracted such writers and editors as Michael HarringtonAmmon HennacyThomas Merton, and Daniel Berrigan. From the publishing enterprise came a "house of hospitality", a shelter that provided food and clothing to the poor of the Lower East Side and then a series of farms for communal living.

P. Uranus=Pluto/Poseidon
I add to online charitable contributions.

Duchess of Windsor
P. Pluto square Poseidon exact
1. Reputed to have affair with Nazi
2. Wealthy Catholic lover (Woolworth heir) arranged for her to meet Cardinal and the Pope


Linus Pauling wins a medal that comes with a financial award
The Davy Medal is awarded by the Royal Society of London "for an outstandingly important recent discovery in any branch of chemistry".[1][2] Named after Humphry Davy, the medal is awarded with a monetary gift, initially of £1000 (currently £2000).[3]

This one is convoluted:
Charles Lindbergh
N. Pluto=Poseidon
T. Neptune station =Pluto/Poseidon
He flies "Spirit of Saint Louis" non stop from US to France and wins a $ prize.

Transiting Pluto station = Poseidon
May 4, 2017
President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order further weakening already-sparse enforcement of an IRS rule threatening the loss of tax-exempt status for religious organizations that endorse political candidates.
The order, which also affects non-profits, promises "regulatory relief" for groups with religious objections to the preventive services requirement in the Affordable Care Act, according to a White House official. Those requirements include covering birth control and the move could apply to religious groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor, who have moral objections to paying for contraception

John Coltrane: "spiritual awakening led to a richer, fuller more productive life.”   P. Poseidon=Pluto

The papal conclave of 1559 (5 September – 25 December) was convened on the death of Pope Paul IV and elected Pope Pius IV as his successor. Due to interference from secular rulers and the cardinals' disregard for their supposed isolation from the outside world, it was the longest conclave of the 16th century

N. Pluto=Cupido=Poseidon "Bloody Mary" executed Protestants (Queen Mary I)
P. Pluto station = Cupido/Poseidon but 10 whole minutes away from Poseidon

Ezra Pound Anti-semetic about usury

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