Friday, July 27, 2007


Location where food is a feature: kitchen, restaurant, farm; ZOO

N. Pallas=Ceres/Vesta (22 1/2 w 15' orb or less)
Ower of famed Paris restaurant DOB 4/12/1936

Ceres=Vesta (22 1/2 approx 40' orb)
Founder of chain of 600 weight loss centers in 40 countries. DOB 9/19/1919

Kurt Vonnegut
Ceres/Vesta=Aries exact; survived the war in a meat locker

N. Ceres=Vesta
Rudolph Valentino: degree in agriculture; worked in restaurants
Michael Crichton: island for dinasaurs?
Katherine Hepburn: grew up in Nook Farm--not really a farm, just the name of the place
Brenda Frazier: cafe society (person who created term cafe society had vesta/ceres=aries/node 64H)
Germaine Greer  she sank her savings of $500,000 (£268,000) into the property, which had previously been run as a dairy farm, banana plantation and a source of timber
Dionne Warwick United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)-appointed 2002
Willie Nelson Sun=Ceres/Vesta 34' orb Farm aid

Kaffe Fassett parents owned restaurant
Ceres trine Vesta

Location for mothers/children

DOB 2/12/1941 help mother and child care, provide supervision of foundling homes and orphanages

In the news:
T. Pluto=Vesta=Ceres (22 1/2) approx 7/9/2003
Gov. Jim Doyle pledges to restore $23 million tax credit for farmers.

Steve Irwin natal semi-octile close aspect
Andre Kruszewicz Ceres=Vesta
11 30 1969 6:15PM Bialiystock, Poland

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