Friday, July 27, 2007


Refers to location where someone else is involved. Ex: a roommate, tenant, or events in someone else's home.

N. Node=Vesta=Saturn=Pluto=Zeus
Aaron Burr --this picture describes what's called Burr's conpiracy: Burr had leased 40,000 acres (160 km²) of land in the Texas part of Mexico. His "conspiracy," he always avowed, was that if he settled there with a large group of (armed) "farmers" and war broke out, he would have an army with which to fight and claim land for himself, thus recouping his fortunes. However, that war in Texas didn't occur until 1836, the year of Burr's death.

Client with P. Pallas=Node/Vesta when there were workers in his girlfriend's home.

I've also seen this when someone shared an office.

He helped institute safeguards for tenants of 1.4 million rent-controlled apartments in the ’60s and was a key player behind the Rent Stabilization Law. 3/7/1927 Frederic Berman Node=Vesta=Vulcanus

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