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Locations with ideological purpose or religious purpose or religious name (like a saint's name). Often see it associated with Israel. Have seen it symbolize cemeteries.

Jared Kushner
"Recently, Jared and a group of partners acquired several vast properties in Brooklyn from the Jehovah's Witnesses for 2 billion dollars".
Natal Vesta=Poseidon DOB 1/10/1981

N. Vesta=Poseidon (64H/7' orb) DOB 1/22/1920
Rebuilt Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow which Stalin had destroyed to build a swimming pool.

N. Vesta=Poseidon (opposition between 14-27 minutes orb)
Owner of Paradise Garage DOB 1/21/1933

Natal Vesta=Poseidon (sesquiquadrate/approx. 19' orb)
Archaeologist who found a golden calf in the 1900 dig in Israel. DOB 9/13/1925

Middle East expert whose three-week tenure as American ambassador to Egypt in 1967 ended when the country expelled him during the 1967 Middle East War, even though he had sympathized with the Arab cause.

N. Vesta conjunct Poseidon
Chuck Pickering resident of Washington's C Sreet House "Frat House for Christian" politicians.
Sen. Sam Brownback --Vesta/Poseidon=Aries (64H/approx 6' orb)

 “the father of the temple-building movement in North America,” 
Alagappa Alagappan 12/3/1925 no TOB but orb no greater than 11'

Vesta=Poseidon=Ceres (64H/less than 15' orb)
Wine and cheesemaker who owned 12,500 acres in San Joaquim Valley.

N. Vesta/Poseiden =Aries (=Cupido) (22 1/2 approx 22' orb) DOB 8/17/36
Actor, Singer, Songwriter advanced the cause of Native Americans; participated in deadly confrontation at Wounded Knee Reservation.

N. Vesta=Poseidon (64H/12) Percy Goodman designed synagogues (DOB 1/13/1904)

P. Mercury=Vesta/Poseidon
Sister moved to Cathedral Parkway

P. Saturn=Vesta/Poseidon
Friend transferred from Saint Andrews Blvd. location

N. Vesta/Poseidon=Aries (64/approx 5' orb)
Robert Schuller Crystal Cathedral
He had a tight picture of Juno/Poseidon; oddly you see this alot with church/temple architects/designers, where you'd expect to see Vesta/Poseidon.  I think Michelangelo had it.

David Miscavige Scientology leader
Investing Scientology money in real estate around the world

Bede Griffiths
Ashram in India (combined Catholicism w Hinduism)

Joseph Imhoff
Invited Indians to live in his home before he painted them

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