Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Technical item or acitivity which is small or short in duration.
E.g, computer chips

A long time ago I had this by progression when I was interviewed on the news for a few seconds.

It also appears on days when some technical products are in the news, especially when they're small like computer chips or a mini satellite type product.

Cell phones have some corrrespondence
Ren Zhengfei 10/25/1944
Huawei 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer

Larry Page (Google) purchased Android for hand held devices P. Vulcanus=Uranus/Admetos (2' orb); when exact, sales surpassed  Apple
(Admetos/Vulcanus: small + powerful)

Dr. Dre Beats headphones/buds

3/26/2007 T. Uranus=Admetos (22 1/2 degree aspect)
Mobile Game Maker Brings Line to Blackberry
Intel to Build Advanced Chip-Making Plant in China
Headline: The Album, a Commodity in Disfavor about fans not buying full albums of music any more.

N. Uranus=Admetos (135/approx 30' orb). Computer manufacturer.
When T. Uranus (also opposite natal Uranus) triggered off the picture when there was a battery recall. Michael Dell DOB 2/23/1965
N.Uranus/Admetos=Aries (64H/7' orb)
A vigorous instigator in the Nixon admin. of wire tapping and bugging.
Robert Mardian DOB 10/23/1923

Inventor of the bar code Uranus/Admetos=Aries <11 9="" dob="" font="" no="" orb="" tob="">
(no royalties: Chiron//Apollon <` 1 degree)
George Laurer

"His $25 chip helped start the PC age"  Chuck Peddles  Uranus=Admetos 64H/6' orb
DOB 11/25/1937 no tob Also Uranus/Pallas=Aries

Murray Gell-Mann, who transformed physics with his preternatural ability to find hidden patterns among the tiny particles that make up the universe, 
Uranus//Admetos 9/15/1929
 (also Jupiter=Admetos=Ceres)

Studied insects
Thomas Say Uranus//Admetos
The whole picture: Jupiter//Uranus//Apollon//Admetos

According to Witte, Uranus/Ademetos corresponds with earthquakes (ruptures).
N. Uranus=Admetos=Aries (also=Zeus) 22 1/2 within about 28' orb
Baby born during earthquake DOB 1/17/1994

In the news
T. Uranus/Ademetos=Aries (4/18) Earthquake in midwest

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