Wednesday, July 25, 2007


  • Technology and leaders or government; technology 
  • Official activity in science/tech (e.g, patent)
  • Sudden changes regarding leaders/government.  

  Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Google founder Larry Page  
     More ordinary manifestation might be the head of a I.T. dept.

Here's an instance where in one instance
Uranus/Kronos was a sudden change in government
and on another occasion an event with tech leader (TV producer)
.   Al Franken Resigned from Senate, T. Chiron triggering  natal picture N. Uranus=Node=Uranus=Kronos
    He mocked NBC Pres who then denied Franken's promotion to become SNL producer  resulting in leaving        the show show
P.Uranus=N. Kronos 

Born on the same day 10/14/1938
John Dean Uranus//Kronos--Nixon's recordings were at the center of the Watergate Scandal.

Farah Diba--At the time of Iranian revolution, government leaders were unreliable about giving her and Shah a home.   As a result they moved from country to country until he died.

Anne of Austria P. Uranus=Kronos her husband King Louis XIII staged a palace coup, removing his mother from power,, exiling her and killing her advisor.

But these days, Uranus/Kronos is about tech (sometimes science) and leaders.

 Desmond Tutu first human rights violation committee hearing  televised 
 N.  Uranus/Zeus/Kronos triggered by T. Mars=T. Jupiter=T. Pluto=T. Apollon=T. Vulcanus s (April 15, 1996)

Here's a good one: T. Uranus=N. Kronos/Apollon in Edward Snowden's chart 10/2013.  He's reported to be doing tech work w German government.

Nothing to do with tech: Margaret Chase Smith  A moderate Republican, she was among the first to criticize the tactics of McCarthyism in her 1950 speech, "Declaration of Conscience".  (went against her own political party)

In the news:
Oct-Nov. 2006 Uranus=Kronos both stationed almost exactly 22 1/2 degrees from each other.

10/26/2006 Scientists Endorse School Board Candidate Over Teaching of Evolution

10/31/2006 NASA plans mission to repair Hubble

11/14/2006 Al Jazeera English is launched.

11/17/2006 Construction of Freedom Tower begins.

11/26/2006 Japanese planners have revealed the design of a broadcast tower that is set to be the world's tallest structure.

12/6/2006 (still only 17' from exact) France 24 launched on satalite and cable

2/1/2008 Uranus=Kronos by 22 1/2

English High Court decided case involving RIMM and Blackberry.

U.S. patent office ruled on claims to shut Blackberry.

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