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Widespread technology, space travel; some other scientists,
Pertaining to the future; astrology

Jack Dorsey Twitter founder Uranus/Apollon=Aries 11' orb
11 19 1976 1:43AM St. Louis Mo

The first moon landing: transiting Jupiter/Uranus/Apollon all conjunct
(=Transiting Kronos semi-octile) July 18, 1969)

Astronaut broke sound barrier Chuck Yeager Uranus/Apollon=Aries

Sun-Uranus/Apollon Sec'y of American Federation of Astrologers
Sun=Uranus/Apollon 39' orb DOB April 20, 1906 St. Louis, Mo

Radamie Herman astrologer 8/25/1900 10:42 AM Turlare  S. Dakota
Astrologer Uranus//Apollon 14' orb

Aeronautical engineer at Grumann who oversaw construction of Apollo space flight.
N. Uranus/Apollon=Aries (64H/1' orb)
Isaac Newton DOB 1/4/1643

N. Uranus=Apollon=Mars=Kronos (64H/approx 22' orb)
Recipient of award for "seminal contributions to database and transaction processing and technical leadership in system implementation". DOB 1/12/1944

N. Uranus=Apollon=Cupido=Vulcanus=Aries (64H/approx 20' orb)
President of Center for Advanced study of Behavioral Sciences DOB 11/27/1920
This is an interesting example because because his profession is psychology but the "advanced...sciences" component is symbolized by Uranus=Apollon 

N. Uranus/Apollon=Aries (64H/2' orb)
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin DOB 2/19/1956

N. Uranus/Apollon=Pallas=Node=Vulcanus (64H/19' orb)
Neil Armstrong

N. Mars=Uranus/Apollon (64H/2' orb)
John Glenn

N. Uranus=Apollon=Vulcanus (64H/ approx 11’ orb)
Directed the countdown for launching the first mission to land astronauts on the Moon and later headed the entire Apollo program. DOB 3/21/1926

N. Uranus=Apollon=Chiron=Zeus (64H/15')
Yang Liwei--first Chinese astronaut DOB 6/21/1965 NT
Hs reported the apparition of abnormal vibrations 120 seconds after launch, he described as "very uncomfortable". As a consequence, corrective measures were swiftly taken to the design of the following carrier rocket

The association between distance and tech that is part of space travel may also manifest as international tech events.  The week that U.S. hacking of Angela Merkel's phone became news, Edward Snowden (asked to participate) had T. Uranus on N. Apollon (=N. Kronos and N. Vesta) and Pres. Obama had P. Sun=Uranus Apollon

When you read the charts of astrologers or astrology clients, Uranus/Apollon is helpful.

William Henry Chaney Chiron=Uranus/Apollon jailed for being an astrologer 19th century

N. Uranus=Apollon (=Venus=Neptune=Hades)
Hans Niggemann German American astrologer, introduced Uranian system to US .   Also N. Uranus square Pallas (52' orb) DOB 3/22/1891 7AM Germany

Hitler and astrology N. Sun=Uranus/Apollon 47' orb
P. Uranus=N. Apollon exact 1933
2' from exact when Hitler  prediction was made
1' from exact when he consulted
Exact when he had astrologer killed

1932 November Reichstag elections were disappointing t was at this point that Hitler, falling back on his belief in the occult, called for a private session with Erik Jan Hanussen,
Hitler became a Hanussenite when in March of 1932, Hanussen predicted the Reichstag fire, a decisive event that allowed recently appointed Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler to seize absolute power in 1933, was Hanussen's most famous feat of clairvoyance. It also was possibly a miscalculated use of inside information that led to his death shortly thereafter.
Eric Hanussen was assassinated on 25 March 1933

Alan Turing Uranus=Apollon
Father of theoretical computer science.

Mars=Uranus=Neptune=Pluto=Apollon=Aries 8/4/1932
Ms. Allen’s work plays into “pretty much every software system anyone uses: every app, every website, every video game or communication system, every government or bank computer, every onboard computer in a car or aircraft,”

???? Catherine the Great
Marriage to and then the overthrow of her husband Peter 1762
Also P. Sun square Hades 2' orb--more to the point!

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