Tuesday, July 10, 2007


A problem with a boss or government figure, or a boss with a problem (P, SA, SR, LR, some T).
Less common: mountaineering problem

?? It appears in the natal charts of some very fortunate leaders such as Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth 2.

Eclipse of 3/8/2016 Saturn=Kronos=Apollon
Netanayu won't travel to meet Obama.  Still irate over Iran nuclear deal/sanctions

N. Saturn/Kronos=Aries (22 1/2 4' orb)
Wrongly accused and imprisoned for 17 years for murder of his parents.
Martin Tankleff DOB 8/29/1971
Saturn/Kronos=Aries (64H/7' orb) in the 1990 SR when he was convicted.
On the day the judgment was overturned, T. Mars conjunct T. Kronos and antiscia Hades, but the configuration wasn't contacting his chart.

Adolph Eichmann Saturn=Kronos=Aries

N. Saturn/Kronos=Pallas
Robert Mardian on his job with government: "When things get screwed up they lean on me".
N. Uranus=Saturn/Kronos (22 1/2 w 13' orb)
"A vigorous instigator of wiretapping and bugging" Robert Mardian DOB 10/23/1923

N. Aries=Pluto=Saturn/Kronos (22 1/2 exact) DOB 10/21/1912
Prosecutor whose most famous cases included the conviction of a gambling tsar who put hundreds of policeman on his payroll; investigated the city's Human Resources Administration for the mismanagement of money connected to anti poverty programs and set up a sting operation to prosecute the first violation of the city's new rent control law in 1946.

N. Venus=Mars=Saturn=Kronos (64H/14' orb)
Involved in sex scandal that toppled conservative government in Britain in the 1960's.
Christine Keeler DOB 2/22/1942 11:15am BST London

James Traficant expelled from Congress after bribery conviction Sun=Saturn/Kronos 40' no matter what time of day (DOB 5/8/1941 No TOB)

?? P. Saturn=P.Kronos (64H/exact)
Judge Favors Woody Allen Over American Apparel In Lawsuit's First Round
Not the way I would have expected it to work.

P. Chiron=Saturn/Kronos
9/11 whistleblower fired
Sibel Deniz Edmonds 1/18/1970 5AM Istanbul

Rob Porter left government after spousal abuse scandal
N. Juno=Saturn/Kronos

?? Barbara Hutton
N. Chiron=Saturn/Kronos + P. Chiron station=Saturn/Kronos
Her mother died, her father abandoned, she went to live with aunt/uncle/cousins.

Mountaineering accident:
Charlotte Ford May 10, 1957
Venus//Saturn//Uranus//Kronos boyfriend died in mountaineering accident

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