Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ice. Frozen conditions.

Limitations:  to feel in a tight spot.

Shrinking market

RPP: Valley

Self limitation of an Olympian champ: "I want the (long jump) record and I plan to get it, but not at altitude. I don't want that '(A)' [for altitude] after the mark"  (Carl Lewis + it may represent the low altitude.

Pop star makes a record, no one buys it. P. Saturn=N. Admetos

DEPRESSION   Connie Francis withdrew with depression after rapeRPP refers to Saturn/Admetos as a valley, a physical depression.

Limited time/location at a distant place:
Limited time/location at a distant place:
Lady Mountbatten was the last Vicereine of India, serving during the final months of the British Raj and the first months of the post-Partition period (February 1947 to June 1948)  and then, after the partition of India and Pakistan in June 1947, the Governor-General of India but not of Pakistan

Her husband had Chiron/Admetos the same aspect as the last king of Italy (King for 41 days)

In the news:

Polar Vortex Feb 2019 Saturn=Admetos 135

USAir Crash Survivor Says She Saw Ice on Wing Before Takeoff
3/27/1992 Saturn square Admetos. Aries=Saturn/Admetos.

T. Saturn Square T. Admetos exact on 1/22/2007
1/16/2007 (26' orb) Powerful Stom Ices 6 States and Kills Dozens
Persistent cold raises fears in California citrus industry.
1/20/2007 (4' orb) Europe Cleans Up After Storm
1/24 (4' orb) Sleet, snow and freezing overnight conditions stranded motorists in England

Winter of 1694 Thames River freezes T. Saturn=Admetos ssq

Here's a small aspect with a large orb that appears to work...the the life changing event.
Terry McGovern DOB 6/10/1956
She froze to death, probably drunk
N. Saturn=Admetos (64H/36' orb)
N. Neptune=Saturn/Admetos (64H/12')
the midpoint picture is something i would normally use, but the wide orb of 2 point aspect is questionable.  

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