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Nova Chartwheels:  Famine, epidemics, severe damage, unemployment, sad partner, damages through frost, fugitives

 RPP:  Trouble, sadness, the alien, sickness, employment of long duration, enemies, enmity, serious loss, prison



·     Foreign activity

·     Immigrants

·     Refugees, fugitives (not necessarily foreign)

·     Exiles, statelessness (extreme)

·     Often multiple manifestations e.g, immigrant as well as enmity




Bad time for negotiating

 Martin Luther (born with minor aspect) Battled established Church and it's reformers.  T. Saturn antiscia Hades he wrote the letter that started the reformation, a schism in the Church.  (October 1518).  His writings cast him as enemy of the pope.  He defended himself to the Pope; turned into a shouting match.  He slipped away at night.    

 Upton Sinclair wrote "The Brass Check" Newspaper expose.  Newspapers would not review it; would not accept paid ads for it. P. Hades=Saturn

His most famous book was about immigrants (The Jungle)

 M.C. Escher changed schools, didn't do well.  "An outsider" PHOTO OF HIM SITTING ALONE ON PROGRESSION He was sick all his life. 

Natal charts 

Several major critics of society/institutions like Martin Luther, Karl Marx, Gandhi, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders. Upton Sinclair.  Some of the critics like Luther and Gandhi were imprisoned or fugitives because of criticism (not crimes!)

 Bullies: In a small (4) sample of bullies, they all had Saturn/Hades 

Bellock called a "disputant"

Multiple manifestations: he was an alien: spent summers in France and "spoke French well but at no point could have been taken for French children" 

Exile from others:

Began self imposed political exile P. Hades =Saturn 8' orb.  Lasted through exact contact, 8 years later (Ross Perot)


 Alien, refugee, statelessness. 

Relocation is common particularly with progression.  Sometimes it's voluntary, sometimes it's forced (expelled from school use chart of Saint Faille EXPULSION AT TIME OF PROGRESSION niki de la 1941 P. Saturn=Hades 1' orb/expelled--went to live with grandparents who came to us to get away from the war in europe.  P. Hades station=Saturn/hades but she's international all the time anyway

 Sympathy for a country other than one's own 

?should this be imprisonment:

Giovanni Segantini P. Hades 4' from N. Saturn

A childhood of poverty and hunger.   His sister did not submit citizenship paperwork (1865) and he was stateless the rest of his life.

He couldn't marry because of his statelessness.  Living as a married couple with his partner caused problems with the church, and they were forced to relocate every couple of years to "avoid local condemnation".

Eventually relocated to Switzerland

 Prison: when the progression was exact, police committed him to a reformatory (1870) 

N. Venus=Saturn/Hades

Married foreigners: Ranier and Candace Bergen 

Foreign + enmity

Thomas Jefferson had P. Saturn=Hades when the punitive Intolerable Acts were passed.  That led almost immediately to the Revolutionary War.  (At a later progression, a plague spread in Washington/see sickness)

 Related professions:

Cartographer (Mercator)


In government: colonialism

 James II got involved with Africa when P. was 2' from exact. 

Multiple manifestations:  Exiled 12/23/1688 Saturn/Hades SA Aries exactly

Multiple manifestations: fought in the armies of 3 different countries; influenced by his exile in France, he became a Catholic when progression was exact. 

??Progression exact:  In September 1666, his brother put him in charge of firefighting operations in the Great Fire of London, his actions and leadership were noteworthy. "The Duke of York hath won the hearts of the people with his continual and indefatigable pains day and night in helping to quench the Fire" 


Marie Antoinette executed P. Hades=Saturn (64H/1' orb)

Multiple manifestations: She had been an immigrant 

 Catherine of Aragon p. saturn sp n. hades 

She was already confined.  When progression was exact, she confined herself to one room

Multiple manifestations: she began to "fast continuously",  developed her final illness.  She died with the progression 2' from exact. 

Earlier in her life: She got pregnant on a transting conjunction of Saturn to Hades 1518; baby born and died on 2nd conjunction (Feb and November 1518) 


 Renoir developed arthritis P. Saturn=P. Hades 64H exactly.

D.H. Lawrence P. Hades=Saturn exact "a severe bout of pneumonia"

St. Bernadette had visions T. Hades conjunct n. Saturn; some wanted her to be put in asylum; she had long term illness

 "Damage through frost" 

Benjamin Franklin experiment with cooling was successful when P. Was exact.  "One may see the possibility of freezing a man to death on a warm summer's day."  Multiple manifestations: he was abroad.  Semisquare exact summer 1758.  


There are often multiple manifestations e.g, foreign and enmity


Made "Wizard of Oz" she's an alien; they starved her to be thin.  Before the film, (during the contact) she was under-employed, unpopular with the boss. Judy Garland P.Saturn=P. Hades

Comic leaves home; creates "Comedy Cellar" P. Saturn=Hades exactly (64H)

Meryl Streep ??Accents? 

Lifelong Scottish nationalist born in England (Compton MacKenzie) 

 New Zealand writers write about Maori

Books about foreign imaginary places:

Alice in Wonderland

William Howells Dean Utopia

But not Rod Serling or Thomas MOre

Albert Camus, author of "L'Etranger", The Stranger, but in French the translation is literally 'the foreigner'.   N. Saturn/Hades=Aries (64H/2')

Wordsworth P. Hades=Saturn appeared in a publication called "The European"


 Upton Sinclair wrote "The Brass Check" Newspaper expose.  Newspapers would not review it; would not accept paid ads for it. P. Hades=Saturn.  His most famous book was about immigrants (The Jungle)

Remarque The Enemy; his own citizenship was revoked 

Jonathan Winters natal + transit he won an award for "crank calls"

 Diderot stories: 

 Best friends who are so much alike, they can't stop dueling and wounding each other 

Character kicked out because he refused to compromise and wouldn't humble himself by apologizing

 When T. Saturn waS conjunct N. Hades (1771) he wrote an article inspired by someone else's Voyage de Bougainville 

Diderot was, in his own life, imprisoned, had enemies and took an important trip to Russia. 


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