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Extreme restriction; sometimes symbolizes imprisonment.

Guarding: to be a guard, to be watched

Steven Avery "Making of a Murderer"
Saturn=Kronos=Vulcanus=Admetos 64H
This describes the prison term (Saturn/Vulcanus
The "shortened" prison term (Saturn and Vulcanus with Admetos)
And the wrongful conviction (Saturn/Kronos)

T. Saturn station=N.Saturn/Vulcanus
Boy George sentenced to jail.

Julian Assange T. Vulcanus antiscia natal Saturn
confined to Ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition
Natal Sun=Saturn/Vulcanus
(also Vesta/Admetos limited space)

Phil Spector convicted and sentenced to 19 years.
SR Saturn=Vulcanus (=Cupido=Chiron) (64H/exact)
LR Saturn/Vulcanus=Aries (64/3' orb)
In Spector's solar return the full picture is Saturn=Vulcanus=Chiron=Cupido. I'm not sure how to interpret this. Chiron/Cupido also appeared in Andrew Wyeth's natal chart, symbolizing the crippled woman who was the subject of many of his paintings. So the wounded artist or the artist wounding (to put it mildly) might be what it means here.

Conjoined twins
N. Mercury=Saturn=Vulcanus also = Kronos (64H/4')
DOB 7/25/1996 6:50AM Malaysia
but another set of conjoined twins didn't have this picture. the other set had Mercury=Chiron (=Jupiter).

Tortured at Guantanamo
N. Saturn=Vulcanus=Hades (major aspect/less than 1 degree orb)
Abu Zubaydah DOB 3/12/1971 no TOB

N. Saturn=Vulcanus (64/approx 8' orb) Whitey Bulger sentenced to 2 life sentences in prison (He was sentenced w T. Saturn conjunct south node in Scorpio on a day when Neptune turned D, doing nothing observable in his chart.

Held hostage in Iran 444 days
N. Saturn=Vulcanus (64H/3' orb)
=Poseidon=Neptune=Node (64H/20')
Richard Morefield September 9, 1929 no TOB

Nazi prison guard
N. Saturn=Vulcanus=Vesta=Hades
John Demjanjuk (4/3/1920)

T. Vulcanus antiscia Saturn (and Sun)
John C. Cutler, public health director in 1946-1948 when he led experiments which infected Guatemalan prisoners (soldiers and mental patients) with sypilis meant as an effort to test the effectiveness of penicillin. Also T. Neptune square Sun/Saturn conjunction,

P. Vulcanus=Saturn 1916-1919
Mao joined the Society for the Study of Wang Fuzhi (Chuan-shan Hsüeh-she), a revolutionary group founded by Changsha literati who wished to emulate the philosopher Wang Fuzhi (who first fought against the invaders, and then spent the rest of his life in hiding from them).
P. Vulcanus=Saturn again 1950-1954 712,000 counter-revolutionaries were executed, 1,290,000 were imprisoned, and another 1,200,000 were "subjected to control.  The number of deaths range between 2 million and 5 million. In addition, at least 1.5 million people, perhaps as many as 4 to 6 million, were sent to "reform through labour" camps where many perish

Edward Snowden
Arrived in Russia
P. Saturn=N. Vulcanus (64H/exact 8/13--2/14)
Edward Snowden  arrived in Russia 6 weeks earlier when the contact was less than a minute away.

Pamela Anderson
Juno=Saturn/Vulcanus Tommy Lee jailed for spousal abuse
In the news: Guantanamo was opened when there was a Saturn/Vulcanus picture.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant website, Faith, tremendous insights, and loving every word you write.

Saturn-Vulcanus, as you say, Faith, imprisonment and extreme restriction.

September 11, 2001, 8.46am, New York City: Transiting North Node sits at the Saturn-Vulcanus midpoint.

That is quite a planetary picture, don't you think?