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BACK IN THE DAY IT WAS A PATRON  Coleridge's living wage from Wedgewood's (porcelain family; Juno part of the picture)

.    Becoming Warden of the Mint, through patronage, intended as a sinecure, Isaac Newton dropped university work to 
     reform  currency and punish counterfeiters. 
.    Copernicus was an economist; developed proposals to unify Poland’s monetary system
.    Turned  the tax-free financial instruments called munis into a hosehold word. (James Lebenthal Pluto=Kronos=Chiron)
.    Economic minister at odds pushed for changes in tax policy that put him at odds with Putin: Pluto=Pallas=Hades=Kronos   (Kakha Bendukidze, Georgia USSR)
.    Anecdotal evidence for death at an elevation, Everest casualties

Turned the tax-free financial instruments called munis into a household word.
Pluto/Kronos is government and money.  For most of us, that means taxes
Pluto/Chiron sometimes appears in the charts of tax exiles (like Noel Coward), altho this is not the only meaning of Pluto/Chiron.  It also corresponds with charity and payment for injury.


 Economics Minister in Georgia, USSR.  He led a working group on tax and currency  pressed for changes in tax policy, which ultimately included adoption of a flat 13 percent tax rate. In Russia, he was a strong opponent of government intervention in the economy, a view that put him at odds with President Vladimir V. Putin. 

N. Chiron=Pluto/Kronos
"Relentless advocate for poor, homeless and forgotten elderly of New York seeking aid from foundations and city agencies. DOB 1/4/1930
Also had N. north node conjunct Chiron Taurus.

N. Kronos=Jupiter/Pluto
Boss Tweed

Minister of Finance in Austria DOB 4/18/1938 8:45AM Vienna

Pluto=Hades=Kronos=Aries (64H/8')
Resigned his seat in Congress and was imprisoned for taking a bribe in the Abscam investigation DOB 5/19/1938

N. Hades=Kronos=Pluto=Node (also=Uranus=Zeus) 64H/20'orb) Sen. Ted Stevens convicted for accepting but not reporting gifts & home renovations DOB 11/18/1923

Paul Singer vulture capitalist Pluto=Chiron=Zeus=Kronos
US Treasury paid his company "$12.9 billion in cash and subsidies from the US Treasury's auto bailout fund." He sued Vietnam's state-owned shipbuilder Vinashin in the UK for defaulting the year before on a US$600 million syndicated loan.

In May 2014 the French Financial Markets Regulator fined Elliott a record €14 million ($22 million) for insider trading

Serge Gainsbourgh
burned money to protest tax
N. Pluto=Zeus=Kronos
triggered by T. Zeus
also T. Chiron square N. Zeus
Paul Volcker Fed chairman Sun=Pluto/Kronos less than 30' orb
9/5/1927 10:30AM Cape May, NJ

In the news:
T. Pluto antiscia Kronos
1/10/2007 (2' orb) Minimum wage approved in House
1/22/2007 (16' orb) Death Knell May be near for Public Election Funds
Illinois is putting its Lottery on Block for Quick Payoff

Written on 6/10/2010
T. Pluto opposite T. Kronos
"Business leaders urged the British government to defend BP against political pressure from Washington, where lawmakers have called on the company to suspend its dividend."

And "New Ground Zero Deal Gives Plaintiffs $712.5 Million--Lawyers for the city and about 10,000 rescue and cleanup workers at ground zero have negotiated a new settlement."

On May 22nd, when the opposition was 9 minutes from exact:
The Senate on Thursday approved a far-reaching financial regulatory bill, putting Congress on the brink of approving a broad expansion of government oversight of the increasingly complex banking system and financial markets.

On May 27th when the opposition was only 4 minutes from exact, the headline appeared:
China's Denies Mulling Sales of Holdings in European Bonds.

On June 3-4th, when the opposition was between 15-18' apart:
June 3rd--the former Finance Minister in Japan was elected as Prime Minister.

June 4th--Swiss Upper House Backs UBS Deal with US, to end a tax dispute that nearly crippled UBS and undermined Swiss bank secrecy inched closer to approval in the full Parliament as the upper house gave it its backing Thursday.

Anecdotal evidence for death at an elevation: 
died on a mountain
Bulh Herman, Allison Hargreaves
T. Pluto=Kronos died on a mountain 

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