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          Financial distress

          Commerce/writing/art involves poorer or lower status people; 

        contempt for the financial system



          Unusual death; disposal of remains.  Incidence of assassins and victims

          Legacy tarnished by someone else


 Commerce/writing/art involves:

  Poorer or lower status people 
  3rd world countries, rural people.  
 This may be the most common manifestation.

The native does not have the lower status, the native's business, science, writing or art  includes or refers to Hades types. 

There are countless illustrations 

Michelangelo brought up by nanny and her stone cutter husband who worked in his father's quarry.
We can't learn the bio's of his models.

Glen Close plays Maw Maw Appalachian T. Pluto square her n. Hades

Financial distress.  Dislike for financial system

Overlap with Saturn/Pluto, Pluto/Admetos, Pluto/Chiron 

Mozart  lived a life of financial setbacks and shortages.  On a transit, he wrote a letter to his father; "I never had enough money to learn how to use it"                  .  .  .

Because he had no spending money, Balzac was the object of ridicule of wealthier students at school. 

                               .       .       .

On/transits, progressions         

        Russian economy injured by sanctions imposed March 2014/    Putin P. Hades=N. Pluto and solar arc: 

     West Germany integrates East German economomy Helmut Kohl natal and solar arc.wgeb Pluto trine Hades he has financial scandal (Helmut Kohl)


Pluto square N. Hades (10' from exact) Lost purse.

SA Pluto/Hades Money lost investments and lost check

S A Bankruptcy DJT 11/17/1990 $47 Million Short, Gives Investors 50% of His Prize Casino

Lost endorsements


Profit from financial distress

profits from shorting the market (betting it will go down).

JP Morgan made his fortune consolidating distressed companies at the time of poor economy.  Saved US economy when it was distressed.

Natal chart of someone who mishandled pension fund.

Earnings estimate slashed 40% after Trump's Chinese sanctions
Head of Huawei 10/25/1946
T. Pluto conjunct natal  south node Capricorn/square Hades


        Less productive or successful or wealthy later in life, often coupled with    other issues like health and/or issues with loved ones (when it rains, it pours)

         Already sick people may decline on a transit or progression.

         A particular event may start the decline such as :

         Losing an important job, or losing financial backing; some rebound (Michelangelo); 

         A couple of sports celebs lost their endorsements and never recovered professionally or financially. (Nancy Kerrigan Olympic ice champ; Evel Knievel) Hunter Thompson lost Rolling Stone assignment, never really rebounded the last 30 years of his life (almost 1/2)

       •         Sometimes a short, sharp decline. 

               George Westinghouse: lost control of his company just before he died

Depravity (sometimes goes hand in hand with decline)
Bad boys, tough attitude,  Lord Byron "mad, bad and dangerous to know"
Devils, hell

Hunter S. Thompson "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."  N. Pluto/Hades=Aries

His books had Hades names or places: "Hell's Angels", "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas", "The Kentucky Derby is Descendant and Depraved" , "Tales of Shame and Degradation in the 80's" (on a transit of Pluto to Hades)

Decline; Dropped by Rolling Stone Magazine around 30 years before he died; almost completely unproductive last 15 years.  (Died 2005)

Contempt for the financial system: I saw a recording of HST from 1987.  T. Pluto=his Hades; he mocked his AMEX Gold Card offering to work for them "Using his Gold American Express credit card to rent a red Chrysler convertible and drive around with drugs and naked lesbians"  He mocked the Card for giving  

Pluto/Hades and death

          Short life

          Unusual death

          Problem with remains

          Posthumous activity problematic 

.       Some incidence of assassins/victims

Suicide: Arthur Koestler was in a suicide society; committed suicide with his younger, healthy wife. 

Mishima  hara kiri age 45

 Assassinations: Franz Ferdinand, Lincoln, JFK, Lee  Harvey Oswald,  Sirhan Sirhan no natal/T. Pluto quincunx natal Hades at the time of Bobby Kennedy assassination 

All had Chiron=Pluto/Hades

 Capital punishment on transits

 Other aspects for all the above

 Problem with remains:

Dorothy Parker Following her cremation, Parker's ashes were unclaimed for several years.  "bad girl" lots of alcohol, blacklisted last 17 years of her life

Katherine Mansfield buried in pauper's grave because partner forgot to pay for funeral (she died young; she wrote about class differences)

 Posthumous activity with one's work has negative impact

         Nietzche's sister messed with his  work.  His message was wildly misinterpreted as supporting racial superiority; resulted in harm.  Madness and a long decline. 

         Herbert Spencer work misinterpreted  as racial superiority/eugenics 

    Seth Rich death exploited by right wing news.  N. Mars=Node=Pluto=Hades=Aries

In the news:

A child is kidnapped, held in underground bunker.  (Katie Beers)

Pluto opposite Hades

           Mafia 'boss of bosses' arrested.

           President of Citibank resigns and around the time questionable practices arise

           1st prostitute found in modern Jack the Ripper type murders. 

           "The most significant day in the history of the death penalty"

      1. Problem execution results in suspension of the death penalty in Florida

      2. On the same day, a ruling on the lethal injection system in California violating the constitution. 

           Financial collapse 2008-2009  begins on antiscia


When the orb is just 3 minutes from exact, the US government is announcing a plan to buy toxic assets

(a great delineation for Pluto/Hades!) from the banks and encourage investors to do the sa

Art and literature 

        Employees, lower class/status, class differences Miss Julie, Garden Party, long long list

         Devil, hell, different names "golom" 

         Depraved characters, sensibility 

Jane Austen personal and literature

Died young

Novels about financially embarrassed families

Actor/Impressionist of Afro American/experienced personal decline later in life 

"he developed a number of impressions of American types. One of these was the  African American performing in dialect and possibly in blackface One author called him "the paterfamilias of the Yankee theatre and the progenitor of all native American dialect comedy.

Death because of error; "Comedie Humaine"'; Zola's work series traces the environmental influences of violence, alcohol, prostitution

Kafka "Metamorphosis" goes from human to insect 

Marlene Dietrich movies: She follows the poorer marriage prospect (Gary Cooper) into the desert ("Morrocco", there are dead prostitutes  in "Dishonored"; movie title: "Devil is a woman"

Mary Cassatt  professional and personal decline.  Blind 12 years efore death (a trip slowed her down  years earlier) she chose to paint just mothers and children 26 years before she died, putting distance between her and the rest of the impressionists. 


P. Uranus station=Pluto/Hades Woodrow Wilson = contract violation?

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