Friday, July 27, 2007


The only understanding I have of this combination is when it manifests as food and money. .

N. Ceres/Pluto=Aries (22 1/2 approx 12' orb)
Steve Fossett soybean trader (who disappeared)

Oprah buys 10% Weight Watchers stock--it goes up ALOT
T. Ceres square Pluto

I win a Trader Joe raffle
T. Ceres conjunct natal Pluto

Max Weber
Wrote about agrarian economies

wife inherited cocoa fortune
juno=ceres/chiron 64H

William Jennings Jefferson (born March 14, 1947 no tob <30 font="" orb="">
stored bribery money in the freezer

In the news:

7/9/2003 T. Pluto=Ceres (=Vesta+ (22 1/2)
Gov. Jim Doyle pledges to restore $23 million tax credit for farmers.

3/15 --16/2007 Pluto in Sag square Ceres (Chiron and Mars not far off)
Chiquita Banana pays $25 million to Colombian rebels
Pet food recall after death of animals.
Health inspectors seize bad meat from a restaurant just hours before world leaders including Putin wer to dine there.

China unveiled a food safety law that provides for penalties up to life imprisonment for producing substandard food.
PETA offers a $1 million dollar prize was offered to the 'first person to come up with a method to produce commerically viable quantities of in vitro meat'.

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