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Pluto/Juno and relationships
  • Lust; passion, a relationship begun on a transit appears to be passionate                               Important: there are at least half a dozen horoscope placements, aspects and midpoint pictures for intense sexuality and infidelity  See Sex and the horoscope on this blog.
  • Open marriage (Node=Sun/Moon; Node=Venus/Mars would mean the same thing)
  • Devoted couples with many pregnancies/births
  • Concealed sexual relationship; sometimes goes public  at the time of a transit/progression (Plutonion reckoning? /Louis Carroll and Horatio Alger; Joe Biden) this identical to Juno/Chiron!
  • Finance and mate; in financial profession, dowry; spouse brings financial savvy/advantage; partner is philanthropist; inheritance through the partner; partner is financial patron, one aspect for (p)alimony. (Venus/Pluto, Pluto/Cupido are the same)
  • Mate is widowed (On a transit, a death may occur in mate's family)
  • Decorative issues (scroll down)
  • Juno way of dying (scroll down)
Thomas Jefferson had natal picture and illustrated a variety of manifestations on transits
Married a widow T Juno conjunct N. Pluto triggered natal picture of Pluto=Juno=Aries
He inherits property and debts from his wife's father when T. Pluto triggers picture (semi octile to Pluto; ssq to Juno)
Sally Hemmings arrived in Paris where they begin sexual relationship 1786; no date chronicled for sexual event but T. Pluto triggered aspect in 1786-1787.
He's a accused as having Hemmings as a "concubine" in a public letter September 1802.  T. Pluto conjunct Juno less than 1 degree.
Natal Pluto=Juno=Aries

Rousseau married a widow; he's a customs official (scroll down)

Eva Peron met Juan T. Pluto conjunct N. Juno - January 22, 1944

Debussy relationship scandal after wife attempts suicide; on a transit (Pluto square N. Juno) he has a widowed patroness

Jean Louis Charcot married a rich widow N. Venus//Pluto//Juno

Mary of Guise widowed twice in 8 years Natal Pluto conjnct Juno
2nd time she was widowed, T. Chiron =T. Pluto triggereded natal picture

?? Waited til his mother died  to marry
William-Adolphe Bouguereau 
30 November 1825

Meyerling suicide: Marie Alexandrine von Vetsera N. Pluto=Juno
Prince Rudolph the partner in her suicide Venus=Mars=Pluto 

? Svengali

Pluto and resources:

John Dee natal Pluto/Juno=Aries
Wife's court connections to 'Queen Elizabeth and to other ladies in waiting may have significantly helped her husband secure patronage;  they participated in "wife sharing" open marriage
Wrote about details of his sex life (lots of Latin, difficult to read)
Married February 1578 with T. Pluto=Juno  antiscia
He went to debtor's prison because of the debts his daughter's husband incurred.  This is another instance of and event occurring to someone else's wife (see Hasamard in Pluto/Juno)
T. Juno opposite T. Pluto; T. Pluto square N. Juno 1 degree orb 9/5/1660

T. Pluto opposite N. Juno
FDR's affair comes to light; his mother threatens cutting off his inheritance.  It worked

Liberace N. Pluto/Juno=Aries
Palimony suit settled T. Pluto square N. Juno 1 degree orb (1986)
1982 SR palimony lawsuit filed Venus=Pluto 64H

Sondra Locke plaintiff in Clint Eastwood palimony suit.
T. Juno=N. Pluto 22 1/2 (Natal Venus=Pluto)
Eastwood has natal Uranus/Juno with T. Juno conjunct natal Uranus at the time of the event 9/25/1996)

Loveless marriage for a dowry needed to improve his family's finances and to improve his palace led to loveless marriage (to daughter of George III.)  Also used to upgrade his palace
Natal Pluto/Juno=Aries (also Vesta=Juno) DOB 7/30/1769

Robert Schumann breaks engagement.  Learns his fiance is illegitimate and will have no dowry
Solar Return:
Natal Juno/Chiron

Different engagement: Clara Schumann's father had natal Juno/Pluto.  when T. Pluto triggered the picture he sued Schumann for the financial loss the family would incur from the marriage, including a pre-settlement if the couple divorced.  This is another interesting example of how the horoscope describes relationship events that are other people's relationships.  The lawsuit wasn't about the father's marriage, but about his daughter's marriage

No record of who this belong to:
  • P. Pluto=Juno complicated divorce/money issue.
  • P. Pluto=Juno (almost) ex-wife financial scam
                                  .                    .                       .

Mr and Mrs. Michael Brown gave Harper Lee a year's worth of income so she could write To Kill A Mockingbird Christmas gift).  Michael Brown natal Pluto/Juno=Aries; event T. Juno=T. Pluto; T. Juno qx. his natal Pluto
Harper Lee: transiting Juno/Pluto aspect less than 1 degree from her natal Venus and Juno
Venus Pluto is another aspect for loved ones and money

Money from a patroness: Debussy natal minor aspect; T. Pluto square N. Juno when he travels with patroness (she's a widow)

Louis XIV I guessed this one from his bio!  His dowry was an issue N. Pluto//Juno 23' orb

Jerry Lewis natal quincunx; divorce filed with T. Pluto=N. Juno 22 1/2 exact
when he divorced, wife accused him of big spending and womanizing
"Her court papers complain bitterly of his extravagances, which she says have caused household bills to go unpaid, forced her to sell her jewels...plane travel, including specially chartered Learjets, for groups of his friends to meet him on vacations. He has hundreds of suitcases and keeps buying more. He has hundreds of tape recorders and keeps buying more.” The real object of her disaffection, friends say, a 30-year-old former stewardess  “lavished gifts of jewelry and luggage on [his] woman friend"

Murph the Surf stole jewel
P. Juno=Pluto 1' orb

Alfred Lord Tennyson Sun=P/J 64H
His wife "performed the role of a business manager, secretary, promoter,"
She was age 37; engagement delayed and called off (Moon=Admetos=S/J major aspect)

Manet's father died T. Pluto trine Juno (N. Quincunx)
made it possible for him to marry Susanne Leenhoff a year later
(T. Pluto=T. Juno on their wedding day)
 some opinion she was mistress of both men

Machaivelli natal square
Married when progression was approx 2' from exact
bargained hard re dowry then withheld her dowry (he had Saturn in Taurus)
When P. Pluto square N. Juno within about 1' orb, Savonarolla was hanged for "bonfires of the vanities"  burning vanity items such as mirrors, cosmetics, fine dresses, etc.  (Machiavelli gained power as a result)  this illustrates an event in the background that was directly and indirectly connecte with his big career advancement 
Had courtesan girlfriend (s) 
expresses something like Venus/Vulcanus orVenus/Pluto
"Many times the young Archer has already tried to wound my breast...they found a resistant target
...Changed quiver and he firred one with such violence that i still grieve over my wounds and I confess and acknowledge his power"
His plays are all about love outside of marriage:  Clizia "how to win dowries and dominate husbands" (but his n. Neptune/Juno very/more? evident in his plays)
In a letter of advice about letting go to passion "take off the saddlepacks, remove the bridle, close your eyes, and say “Go ahead, Love, be my guide, my leader; if things turn out well, may the praise be yours, if they turn out badly, may the blame be yours-I am your slave”.
“No longer to I delight in reading about the deeds of the ancients or in discussing those of the moderns; everything has been transformed into tender thoughts, for which I thank Venus and all of Cyprus” (Atkinson 293). In this quote, love appears to be such a powerful influence that it has overtaken the importance of politics in Machiavelli’s life.    In the case of his mistresses, Machiavelli was a slave to love and unable to take the advice he gives to Princes.   

Lewis Carrol N. Pluto qx. Juno
T. Pluto trine Juno
expelled from Alice's family; leaves the ministry; said to be because of guilt

J.M. Barrie minor aspect suspician he was pedaphile; wife said marriage was not consummated; another account said his sexual activity towards her was "unspeakable".  She divorced him T. Uranus and Neptune forming major aspects to his natal Juno.
T. Pluto trine N. Juno his father gets a job in the "counting house" of a linen company
Barrie is 10 years old
T. Pluto qx. N. Juno he secured a pension for a female writer no personal relationship with her

Mao natal quincunx
married 2nd wife when T. Pluto trine N. Juno
had many relationships before and after, but she was uniquely important to him, subject of poetry
Yáng Kāihuì

Elvis natal J/P=Aries
Split with Priscilla T. Pluto trine N. Juno 
issue was her affair (even tho he was having an affair too)
The Presleys separated on February 23, 1972, after Priscilla disclosed her relationship with Mike Stone, a karate instructor Presley had recommended to her. Priscilla related that when she told him, Presley "grabbed ... and forcefully made love to" her, declaring, "This is how a real man makes love to his woman.

WTF Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley T Juno=his Natal Pluto  ??
WTF Yoko met John T. Pluto=her Juno
Letterman admits extortion due to sexual activity

? Charles met Camilla T. Pluto 1 degree from antiscia N. Juno (N. aspect)
 passionate bugged telephone conversation between Charles and Camilla from December1989
T. Pluto square n. Pluto=N. Pluto/Juno

Rosselini has passionate relationship with Ingrid Bergman T. Pluto conjunct N. Juno when they connect
(N. Node=Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars=Aries)

Copernicus affair with housekeeper she's referred to as "temptress; seductress"
He resisted attempts to send her away for years; she was probably motivated by money
T. Neptune=.T. Juno triggering his natal Juno/Pluto (Kronos)
Church leader demanded that Copernicus dismiss his housekeeper in a letter on December 2nd, 1538.
Copernicus answered the letter saying that he took the situation seriously, but it was difficult to quickly find an honest housekeeper who was a relative. He assured the bishop that Anna was only an employee for him, but nobody believed him.

W.C. Fields begins a relationship with a showgirl; they have a kid (years later, he pays a settlement)
T. Pluto square N. Juno `1915
Makes a movie with Mae West; censorship for dialog and her clothes; review "all lusty fun" T. Pluto trine Juno 1939-1940

Something different:
Pushkin's wife had a flagrant flirtation, resulted in Pushkin dying in a duel
N. Sun=P/J 1' orb; .event: T. Uranus conjunct N. Pluto Pisces

?? Fatty Arbuckle tried for rape/she died ?? N. Pluto conjunct Juno

Married a widow; partner is widow

James Madison natal Sun=P/J 64H tight
Event: met widowed Dolly Madison T. Pluto=N. Juno 1 degree orb May 1794
Natal major aspect of Uranus/Juno...just one sort of minor event : Jefferson escorted her into dinner, rather than escorting the British Ambassador's wife, breaking strict protocol.  no date chronicaled.

Henry II France
15 years old had a 35 year old widowed mistress; she was savvy financially too
Henry II France dies as a result of a jousting match at his daughter's wedding; dies wearing his mistress' colors.  Many children with his wife and others.

Louis XII Sun=Pluto/Juno
Marriage with Joan was annulled/invalid so he could remarry for political reasons; married a widow
 His annulment was "one of the seamiest lawsuits of the age",
According to him, never had been consummated (according to her, it had). 
Accordingly, the Pope ruled against the Queen. 
The annulment was declared on 15 December 1498. Jo
Queen Joan had T. Pluto=Juno exact 22 1/2  Natal Pluto qx. Juno
Louis married wife #3 Mary Tudor 
T. Pluto=N. Juno about 1/2 degree orb 'He called her "a nymph from heaven"
He died 3 months later after he married wife #3,  reputedly the result of being worn out by sexual exertion.   Mary also had Sun=Pluto/Juno; she married very soon after Louis' death to a man she was really attracted to.  

Devoted couples with many pregnancies/births
Queen Anne England
Louis Dauphin France
Amos Alcott
Henry II france not so devoted to his wife but 9 kids with her and 4 out of wedlock

There are a number of different aspects for closeted gay people

William II no kids, "only one" mistress; said to be gay
William III no kids said to be gay

Richard Lionheart short marriage, no kids, said to be gay.  Brutally punished "sodomisers"
Relationship with Phillip II said to be gay; bad feelings over dowry when he didn't marry Phillip's sister .

Sexual events

Lewinsky leaves White House job T. Pluto conjunct Juno (triggering big picture of Saturn/Neptune/Chiron/Juno)

eleanor roosevelt natal trine
lucy mercer arrived t pluto square n. juno

Biden T. Pluto=N. Saturn/Juno aspect
his sexual past re-emerges

?? George Eliot honeymoon T. Pluto opposite N. Juno

Raped his wife, according to his letters published posthumouly
it changed the way people thought of him
James Baxter Pluto trine Juno

Swinburne kink but he had Saturn and South Node in Scorpio too

Robert Louis Stevenson dropped everything to pursue a woman who moved to another continent to rejoin her philandering husband so her family could be supported financially.  Eventually they married

D'annunzio supported by Eleanora Duse

?? Timothy McVeigh no relationship of any kind chronicled...his mother was promiscuous
David Berkowitz mother was promiscuous; he got VD while in the army
Lewis Mumford illegitimate; when he "learned about one or another of her new suitors, he never wanted to see her again...wore dresses that accentuated her fashionably full figure" lots of affairs after marriage; started out as insecure lover but became expert in satisfying women
saturn + asd in scorpio

N. Saturn=Pluto=Juno
In chart of woman whose mother was cheated out of her inheritance; wealth came from milinary business.

Financial arrangements and marriage
King John's wife's father made John's wife the sole heir to Gloucester, disinheriting her two sisters.  Marriage null by reason of consanguinity and placed their lands under interdict. The interdict was lifted by Pope Clement III. The Pope granted a dispensation to marry but forbade the couple from having sexual relations
John obtained an annulment of the marriage, but kept her lands,

2nd wife Isabelle Angouleme's father died when T. Pluto triggered John's natal Juno/Pluto.

John denied her control of her inheritance as well as her marriage dowry and dower.
With T. Saturn opposite natal Juno triggering Juno/Pluto
Announced he had sold Isabella’s wardship to Sir Geoffrey Mandeville, Earl of Essex, for twenty thousand marks, possibly against Sir Geoffrey’s will. Isabella and Mandeville were married.   1/20/1214   

Richard Lionheart dowry issue

Brigit Macron husband was investment banker

Married for convenience; the marriage was arranged by a colleague and her dowry helped finance his experiments.  Claude Bernard

King Edward III issue over wife's inheritance
wife took an interest in commercial expansion

Hillary Clinton N.Pluto=Juno=Aries
T. Juno station triggered it her joint tax returns are released
T. Pluto 1 degree away

The big event was her failed presidential campaign.

Cary Grant Juno/Pluto=Aries
Married an heiress "cash and carry".

Grant introduced the practice of using his own wardrobe on the movie set and then charging the studio a hefty wardrobe fee

??Thomas Say brought his wife to a socialist community

Pamela Courson
N. Pluto=Juno=Vesta=Asd  Jim Morrison bought her a boutique

George Reeves had a sugarmama N. Pluto=Juno=Aries; rumored to have been involved in his death (he'd just left her for another woman none of this happened on transits).  

Headline divorce settlement with Paul McCartney
natal Pluto/Juno ssq Heather Mills

Partner is an heir/heiress
Nicky Hilton Jr. last wife was heiress
Kathy Ford

partner raised funds
Mikael Gorbechev  wife raised funds for the preservation of Russian cultural heritage, fostering of new talent, and treatment programs for children's blood cancer.

Nicolas Bissell He and his second wife, Barbara, who was convicted of Federal charges along with him, favored Mercedes Benzes, restaurant outings and trips to Atlantic City, where he could drop thousands of dollars in a weekend.  she  appeared to many to be pushing Mr. Bissell on in his interest in material comforts. Warren Kimber Jr., the president of a gasoline distributor that supplied a gas station the Bissells partly owned, said she took care of the books.

Pushkin's wife pushed him to make money; he died in a dual over her

Benjamin Harrison's Postmaster General John Wanamaker and several Philadelphia friends purchased a large new cottage at Cape May Point for Harrison's wife Caroline. Many believed the cottage gift appeared to be improper and amounted to a bribe for a cabinet position. N. quincunx
T. Pluto=N. Juno semi octile June 1890

George III Sun=P/J
faithful to his wife for 57 years; they had 15 children! unequaled royal conjugal success.  
When T. Pluto conjunct N. Juno In 1775 a property was legally settled, by Act of Parliament, on Queen Charlotte

??This has nothing to do with relationship or decor, but it's a big Pluto event and the words "separate in a personal union" is used to described duchies (locations)
Prince Albert N. Pluto/Juno=Aries
T. Pluto opposite n. Juno died unmarried; with him, the line of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg ended. After his death, his lands were repartitioned among his Wettin relations. Ernst I of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld received Gotha, and changed his title to Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, although the two duchies remained technically separate in a personal union

In fiction: Emile Silvestre Houarn
Houarn Pogamm and Bellah Postik, orphan cousins,  fall in love, but they are poor, so Houarn leaves to seek his fortune. Houarn arrives at Pont-Aven and hears about the groac'h of Lok Island [fr], a fairy. A beautiful woman asks him what he wants, and Houarn replies that he is looking for the wherewithal to buy a little cow and a lean hog. The fairy offers him some enchanted wine to drink and asks him to marry her. He accepts, but when he sees the groac'h catch and fry fish which moan in the pan he begins to be afraid and regrets his decision.   All the fish stand up and become little men, victims of the groac'h, who agreed to marry her before being metamorphosed and served as dinner to the other suitors.  The metamorphosed men are saved, and Bellah and Houarn take the treasures of the fairy, marry and live happily ever after.
  Emile Silvestre Le foyer Breton

Jane Austen natal trine
Transiting Pluto trine Juno 1794
She wrote Susan about a widow with money problems
Her (real life) friend's husband is guillotined what this shows is that Juno can be a husband event 
Jane Austen
Fear of widowhood pervades her fiction for women; the  men seek to remarry, but not wisely
T. Pluto triggers picture, she writes her last (incomplete) novel, widower is character

"Dating while dying" author Josie Rubio DOB 10/2/1977 

Author of "Fascinating Womanhood" marriage advice (business?)

Thomas Carlyle - N. Pluto conjunct Juno Sartor Resartus ('The tailor re-tailored') 
HD novels about sexuality
Patricia Highsmith "Price of Salt"
Yourcenar Memoirs of Hadrian includes passion for his lover Antinous,
Tim Lott Don Juan novel
Estaunie secrets
Barbara Wilson writes about sexual issues "Gaudi Afternoon"
A.E. Houseman A. E. Housman's homosexuality and his love for Moses Jackson.[31] Despite the conservative nature of the times and his own caution in public life, Housman was quite open in his poetry, and especially in A Shropshire Lad, about his deeper sympathies. Poem XXX of that sequence, for instance, speaks of how "Fear contended with desire": "Others, I am not the first, / Have willed more mischief than they durst"
 De Montagne on marriage: warns against too much passion (causes loss of objectivity) and warns against a wife who's too wealthy.

The Big Sky Teal Eye makes him buy her from her father, so that he will be free to leave her any time he wants to. When she was found by traders, they planned to return her to her family as a means of establishing trade with the tribe.

Relationships with widowed people:
J.M.W. Turner 2 relationships with widows (his only relationships)
Tight natal opposition with Zeus as part of the picture
Pluto/Zeus common in will litigation; there was "protracted litigation" but there's no info it involved these women

General Montgomery
Natal Pluto//Juno married a widow

Thomas More Juno=Pluto sqq 39' orb

Adolf Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg married his brother's widow
Mercury=Pluto/Juno 15' orb

Louis XIV Uranus//Pluto//Juno married a widow

Pres. Benjamin Harrison Pluto quincunx Juno 1 degree 3' orb
also Juno//Cupido wife taught music; 2nd wife was the widow and also relative of 1st wife

Henri Rousseau minor aspect Juno/Pluto=Aries 64H/2' orb

Napoleon Bonaparte Juno/Pluto=MC (also Pluto/Cupido)

x Albrect Von Wallenstein no Pluto/Juno but married a widow

Henry IV France mistress died T. Juno conjunct Pluto Pisces

Married a widow who owned automobile patents 
Emile Levassor 

Jane Austen
Fear of widowhood pervades her fiction for women; the  men seek to remarry, but not wisely
T. Pluto triggers picture, she writes her last (incomplete) novel, widower is character

"Dating while dying" author Josie Rubio DOB 10/2/1977 

Partner carries on work; partner gets posthumus award
Thomas Say, Sylvestre

Murder: Amanda Knox trine
Natalie Wood trine

Secret Marriages/relationships:
what's the difference between Neptune/Juno and Pluto/Juno secret relationships?

Thomas Say quincunx

"Concealed from friends and family" 
Georges Seurat N. Quincunx (he had Neptune/Juno too/Neptune=Juno=Aries 64H)
He met his only chronicled relationship when Pluto was approximately 3 degrees from the opposition.  They had a child, he died a year later (so did child).  Pluto was still opposite Juno.

Coincidence that church was involved??
?? Lewis Carroll natal quincunx
When T. PLuto trine Juno he was expelled from Liddle home (assumed for relationships with Alice/maybe sister); also reluctantly took vows

Horatio Alger left the clergy for molesting kids
N. Quincunx; left on trine

??Gore Vidal
denied relationship with Anais Nin but letters to her were found
had 53 year partnership; they didn't have sex  "It's easy to sustain a relationship when sex plays no part, and impossible, I have observed, when it does."
Fathered a child secretly; so did Seurat

Pasolini, Alan Ginsberg (Nambla); Simone de Beauvoir (signed petition advocating for pedarists)

John Barrymore Juno ssq Pluto
Lost virginity to step mother 1897 T. Pluto qx. N. Juno (grandmother died around the same time)

Maryse Auduit French homicide victim, sister of Ludovic, who killed her, her mom and dad, and her son Jerome, with an iron bar 12/20/1989. In an incestuous relationship with her brother,

Lord Byron N. Pluto/Juno (also Juno/Chiron)

X anais nin no pluto/juno (juno/chiron)
XJoy Sexton (with her mother) N. Moon square Pluto and minor aspect picture of Venus=Mars=Uranus=Cupido=Poseidon

??Secretive about partnership

?? T. Pluto conjunct Juno and Neptune
      Gay poet Robert Duncan married a woman 1943
     Eva Peron born in same time period met Juan Peron T. Pluto conjunct N. Juno (and Neptune) 1944
    Juan Peron had T. Pluto=his natal Saturn/Juno aspect at the time they met

Bruce la Bruce porn Pluto square Juno

 Jacques Hadamard, scientist
This is an extraordinary illustration.  It was not Hadamard's wife who was involved but a cousin's spouse! 
   Jacques Hadamard's cousin married to Dreyfus of the "Dreyfus Affair"
    At the time of the trial when Dreyfus was convicted, T. Saturn and Pluto squared Hadamard's Juno
Art Renoir paintings known for female sensuality; painted his sexual partners (the mother of his 1st unacknowledged child; his wife)
"he spent two days stroking his models' bare derrieres before he had enough inspiration to put paint to canvas".  Asked by a journalist:  According to his son: "‘With such hands, how do you paint?"  Renoir responded: ‘With my prick".

Courbet "nudes are like libidinous four-alarm fires" N. Sun=P/J 35' orb major aspect


Decorative items and money: professions like customs officials; finance job in a decorative company
Common event: credit card issue and decorative items

This is what happened to me on transits:
T. Juno conjunct N. Pluto I deal with credit card bill for bedcovers.
T. Juno conjunct Pluto--I connect with Ebay bidding service for a wallet

T. Juno conjunct N. Pluto
Problems with credit card/ordering product
What's interesting is the product is a microwave.  And in my experience, designed products--from furniture, clothing and jewelry to microwaves and whistles---are symbolized by Juno

J.M. Barrie age 10 T. Pluto trine N. Juno
His father got a job in a "counting house" (accounting) for a linen company

Bigger illustrations:

Breitling Watch company financed balloon circumnavigation of globe by Bertrand Picard
T. Juno conjunct T. Pluto s square his natal Sun
P. Juno=P. Mars=N. Jupiter (64H)
3/1/1958 4:50AM Lausanne Switzerland
Event: 3/1/1999
His co pilot did not have the symbolism.


From the standpoint of investing. 
Hunt Brothers (silver trading) have natal Pluto/Juno pictures.  On the day of the giant drop in silver (March 27, 1980) there was a Juno/Pluto square,

Mayer Rothschild  made fortune trading gold
Big event: financing battle of Waterloo
Natal picture: Pluto=Juno=Zeus
When P. Pluto was square Juno exactly, he started textile jobber biz in England

Charles Combes  Director of the School of Mines

Stock analyst who worked with gold market 
Pluto/Juno=MC 10' orb (AA chart)
Pluto/Juno=Aries (64H)
9/15/1947 2:47AM San Diego, Ca
Edward DeVere Neptune=Pluto=Juno
his tailor absconded with 'cloth of gold and silver and other stuff' belonging to him, 
invested in expedition for gold; 'gold' ore brought back turned out to be worthless
 DOB 4/12/1550 no tob one of the people said to have been the real author of Shakespearean plays

Superintendent for excavations at Herculaneum and Pompeii; cast the finest bronzes and silver vases for the Museum Borbonico; and was architect of many fine houses and villas in Pompeiian style in England and the United States. Wilhelm Johan Kal Zahn

Diamond Magnate Juno//Pluto Sir Bernard Oppenheimer, 1st Baronet 13 February 1866

Juno connected with the way they died:

Death from contaminated sheets  Charles II Duke Valois
Death from rug cleaner chemical (also Juno/Chiron) elaborate preparations for her burial, including asking her friends to dress her properly and grooming her for her funeral Margo Jones
Henry II France dies as a result of a jousting match at his daughter's wedding; dies wearing his mistress' colors.  
John Glenn's body was handled in a controversial way; mortician Zwicharowski says he only wanted to show the inspectors the embalming procedures to make the deceased suitable for viewing 
Michel de Montagne scientists from different disciplines will analyse the stone of the tomb, the wood of the coffin and the human remains.

In the news:

Henry Ford raises wages to $5 per day Ford's policy proved, however, that paying people more would enable Ford workers to afford the cars they were producing and be good for the local economy
T. Pluto=T. Juno=T. Pallas=Aries 1/5/1914
N. Pluto/Juno=Aries 64H
He inaugurated 40 hour work with with T. Pluto square N. Juno.  don't understand this connection

On 3/31/2008 Juno was on the antiscia of Pluto.
The earliest known gold jewelry made in the Americas has been discovered in southern Peru. The gold necklace, made nearly 4,000 years ago, was found in a burial site near Lake Titicaca and reported to the scientific community on 3/31.

Woody Allen filed a $10 million lawsuit on 3/31 against American Apparel for plastering photos of him dressed as a rabbi on billboards in New York and Los Angeles. He has a natal picture of Jupiter/Cupido/Juno and transiting Jupiter is hitting off the picture. Jean Nouvel, the French designer of the Arab World Institute in Paris and Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater won architecture's top award, the Pritzker Prize of $100,000.

CoCo Chanel signs contract for perfume biz
SR Sun=Pluto=Juno

5/1/2008 CBS fined $500MM for Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction.
5/1/2008 Funds set up for victims of bridge collapse.

In the news there is some incidence of weak wives and female victims.

DC Madame kills herself
Uma Thurman stalker trial
Young wives removed from Texas Polygamist compound.

On 3/31/2008 Juno was on the antiscia of Pluto. Here's what happened: The earliest known gold jewelry made in the Americas has been discovered in southern Peru. The gold necklace, made nearly 4,000 years ago, was found in a burial site near Lake Titicaca and reported to the scientific community on 3/31. Woody Allen filed a $10 million lawsuit on 3/31 against American Apparel for plastering photos of him dressed as a rabbi on billboards in New York and Los Angeles. He has a natal picture of Jupiter/Cupido/Juno and transiting Jupiter is hitting off the picture. Jean Nouvel, the French designer of the Arab World Institute in Paris and Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater won architecture's top award, the Pritzker Prize of $100,000.

Juno=metals in general??
Jakob Fuger largest metals biz in Europe 15--16 century.  Juno=Aries

Helen Duncan trine
during these séances she claimed to be capable of summon the recently deceased.  When these spirits were summoned she would emit ectoplasm from her mouth. ACTUALLY REGURGITATED GAUZE
+a papier-mache mask draped in an old sheet.

Henry Count of Chambord  his wife was instrumental in building a crypt for the French Royal Family 

Roland Barthes’s theoretical text A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments analyze how, but not necessarily why lovers speak the way they do.

Johnny Weismuller Neptune=Juno 135
Pluto trine Juno endorsed and designed tank top suit (juno/admtos=aries almost exact)

Henry Ford natal quincunx
.T. Pluto trine N. Juno 1896  "scrambling for money for parts he needed for much so his wife wondered if she would ever see the bank account restored" This expands our understanding of Juno and decorative items; Juno items are designed, and can be primarily functional. 
.T. Pluto trine N. Juno 1925 investors in airplane company had to be convinced to sell out to Ford. This was accomplished at a cost of $500,000 to Ford, and the Stout Metal Airplane Company became an official division of Ford Motor Company on July 1, 1925.[12] Ford Then invested an additional $2,000,000 in the venture.
.T. Pluto trine N. Juno  May 1, 1926, the Ford Motor Company's factory workers switched to a five-day 40-hour workweek, with the company's office workers making the transition the following August.[32]
Ford had made the decision to boost productivity, as workers were expected to put more effort into their work in exchange for more leisure time, and because he believed decent leisure time was good for business, since workers would actually have more time to purchase and consume more goods
While trine was still exact: The Trimotor first flew on June 11, 1926, 

Queen isabella settles wars gold and goldmines part of settlement
pluto about a degree from square
fought in guinea for gold summer 1478 pluto antiscia juno

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