Thursday, July 26, 2007


T. Neptune conjunct N. true south node

Steve Irwin on the day he died from the bite of a ray.
T. Neptune conjunct N. true south node

In the news
T. Neptune conjunct North Node Aquarius
4/28/08 Two prisoners were freed. A federal appeals court Monday upheld an order releasing Tennessee death row inmate Paul House, who has been imprisoned nearly 22 years for the murder of a Union County woman. 4/29/08 Dallas man freed by DNA testing after 27 years in prison, more time in prison than any other wrongfully convicted man.

5/3/2008 Mass evacuation from Baltic ship

Church Confirms on sunday Virgin Mary Apparitions

Sea lions shot dead on Columbia River as salmon battle rages

Yemen confirms partnership with Indian Ocean countries between countries overseeing Indian Ocean in fields of scientific research, culture, education, fishery wealth and tourism on partnership basis between these countries.this has aquarian symbolism toos.

Korea high waves killed nine people
A boat ferrying at least 80 people home from a party sank in Brazil's Amazon region early Sunday, killing at least 15 and leaving dozens missing,

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