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Liquid food like tea, soda, soup; sauces, fish or water; health/medicine and food.
Some incidence among poisoners/poisoned

August 3, 2018 Mcdonald's serves cleaning fluid instead of coffee, admits they made mistake before.

Escoffier Sun//Neptune//Ceres
codified the recipes for the 5 mother sauces of French cooking

N. Neptune/Ceres=Aries (64H/less than 8' orb)
Invented Gatorade DOB 9/26/1927

Died of poisoning
SR Ceres=Neptune=Aries (=Apollon/while traveling)
Knut Rasumussen

Jim Jones Neptune//Ceres
When the "Jonestown Massacre" occurred, Jim Jones's SR contained Sun=Ceres/Chiron 15'.   He had N. Ceres//Neptune, which also appeared in his LR at the time.  Also noteworthy was P. Chiron=N. Chiron/Hades precisely at the time of the mass poisoning.  (Jim Jones, May 13, 1931, 10:00 PM CST Lynn, IN)

Born 4 days later...Marshall Applewhite's followers also poisoned themselves.  N. Ceres//Neptune

Ted Hughes scientist worked with fish ecology
Neptune opposite Ceres
Probably not fish as food...this may refer to fish as an "animal"
Animals, even the ones you don't eat, appear to be symbolized by Ceres
(as well as Virgo)

Liquids food:
Chef kept her spicy soup recipe secret Neptune//Ceres//Zeus

In the news:
1/30/2007 Neptune=Ceres by 22 1/2
Raw Couger Meat Blamed for Trichinosis

4/28/2006 Neptune conjunct Ceres (Aquarius)
Restaurant fined for "cruel" Lobster Display

5/29/2008 Neptune trine Ceres
Study finds no breast cancer link to tea or coffee.

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