Thursday, July 26, 2007


Refers to a woman and health, either a practioner or a patient.
N. Moon=Node=Neptune=Chiron (64H/35') Murdered nurses. Richard Speck DOB 12/6/1941 1am Kirkwood, IL Wide orb, but it's the moon that's the widest orb but central to the event.
P. Sun=Moon/Neptune -- wife goes to doctor.

Neptune and water
Scott Peterson N. Neptune opposite Moon 7th house
Wife drowned.  And his mother was on a canula during the trial.

Other Neptune
Neptune + Causes
Disraeli P. Neptune square N. moon
Wrote a novel about a savior type woman who nurses the poor.

?? Over the next few months (2014) Obama and Putin (both have moon at 3 Gemini!) have T. Neptune square N. Moon.

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