Thursday, July 26, 2007


House by the water; water issues in the home. Container for water.
Hospitals (also Vesta/Chiron)

Albert 1st Monaco Neptune//Vesta founded what became the world-renowned Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.  This includes an aquarium, museum, library, with research facilities in Paris.  Also Neptune=Saturn/Apollon

Jimmy Buffet
Natal Neptune=Vesta=Apollon 64H tight aspect

Genie Francis "General Hospital" Sun=NeptuneVesta 30' orb

In the news:
Neptune square Vesta Scorpio exact on 1/12/2007
One day earlier, a shark dies in an aquarium.

Sometimes Neptune/Vesta is a healing/health location; e.g., hospital, nursing home.

Blankenship has progression at the time of the mining disaster:
weakening the structure?

creator of aquariums
Neptune quincunx Vesta
(also Neptune=Pluto/Chiron 64h--it was a craze)
Philip Henry Gosse FRS (/ɡɒs/; 6 April 1810

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