Friday, July 27, 2007


Found in the charts of some presidents.

George Washington, Lincoln, GHW Bush, Carter, Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, John Quincy Adams, Cleveland, Hayes, McKinley, Monroe, Taft, Taylor, Truman (wide orb), Van Buren, Wilson That's over a third.

Obama has Kronos=Vulcanus=Aries

Bobby Kennedy  P. Saturn=Kronos/Vulcanus 1' orb at the time of assasination

Natal Kronos=Apollon=Vulcanus
Medmed the Conquerer/started Ottoman (ended Byzantine) rule in Turkey

Attempted assasination of King of Italy Umberto I
Giovanni Passannate 2/19/1949 Natal Kronos=Vulcanus=Pluto

Harry Truman became pres P. Kronos=Vulcanus exact 64H

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