Friday, July 27, 2007


Limited authority; acting authority; doesn't complete term.

N. Kronos=Admetos/Vulcanus (64H/18') Dick Cheney

N. Kronos/Admetos=Aries (64H/6') SpĂ­nola, Antonio de DOB 11 April 1910 at 22:45 Estremoz, Portugal
Portuguese military man who became the President of Portugal for a few months in 1974. (see Kronos/Admetos (see Mars=Zeus)

Kronos & Admetos show up with Jupiter in the combination in the horoscopes of some of the presidents and other world leaders who did not complete their terms (most pics are 64th H)

FDR Admetos=Jupiter/Kronos
Wm. Henry Harrison Jupiter=Kronos=Admetos
Garfield Admetos=Jupiter/Kronos
JFK Jupiter=Kronos=Admetos
Czar Nicholas 2 Sun=Kronos/Admetos (64H/5' orb)

N. Kronos=Admetos=Aries (=Jupiter=Pluto=Chiron=Vulanus=Poseidon) 64H/21'
Junior Gotti acting boss when his father was in prison DOB 2/14/1964

Ramakrisna was his guru; Kali worship sect

Princess Christina of the Netherlands abdicated to marry
Saturn and Jupiter =Kronos/Admetos

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