Friday, July 27, 2007

Midpoints: Kronos/Poseidon

tony blair met pope
P. kronos= poseiden 22 1/2 1'

st. gemma
miraculous cure by jesus
P. kronos/poseidon 64H/exact

Pope Benedict (Ratzinger)
N. MC=Kronos/Poseidon 22 1/2 -9' orb

French philosopher and public intellectual. He has written books and essays on a wide range of topics, many on the ideas of tradition and identitary nonviolence, including Jewish identity and antisemitism, French colonialism, the mission of the French education system in immigrant assimilation, and the Yugoslav Wars.  
Sun=Kronos=Poseidon (also=Vesta=Zeus and probably Mercury) Alain Finkielkraut 30 June 1949)

Solar Return Kronos/Poseidon=Saturn & Hades
Kronos/Poseidon=Saturn & Hades & Admetos
Richard Goldstone South African Judge being threatened by local religious leaders saying they'll disrupt his grandson's Bar Mitzvah.

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