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Midpoints: Chiron/Kronos

Damage connected with government, leaders or authority; unfortunately leader; corruption

Attempted assasination of Ronald Reagan
P. Chiron=N.Kronos 1' orb
John Hinckley

N. Kronos=Chiron
Boss Tweed Mayor of NY ran a corrupt administration. But also Certain aspects of Tammany Hall's activities (aid to the sick and unemployed, advocacy for tenants and workers) foreshadowed later developments in US labor movements and Social Security.

Adolf Hitler N. Sun=Kronos/Chiron 30' orb

Key Hitler associate Dietrich Eckart
N. Node=Chiron=Kronos=Admetos
P. Kronos conjunct natal Chiron 2' orb when he met Hitler; when the conjunct was exact, Kaiser Wilhelm was making mistakes that would undo him

N. Kronos=Chiron (=Pluto=Admetos)
Papon--Convicted of complicity in Nazi crimes in France.

N. Kronos=Chiron (22 1/2 approx 9' orb)
Head of Justice Dept.'s internal investigations dealing with eithical lapses by the nation's highest official. DOB 8/05/1940 Also had Vulcanus=Hades/Kronos

N. Chiron=Kronos=Admetos=Vulcanus=Poseidon=Jupiter=Pluto=Aries (64H/
Junior Gotti DOB 2/14/1964

Linday Lohan P. Chiron opposite P. Kronos exact betweeen April and July 2012. Here's what led up to it (it's complicated): On February 9, 2011, Lohan was charged with the theft of a necklace and sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service.   Due to jail overcrowding, Lohan served the sentence under house arrest. In November Lohan was found to have violated the terms of her probation by failing to perform the required community service and  She was sentenced to 30 days of jail and 400 hours of community service but spent less than five hours in jail due to overcrowding. On March 29, 2012 (the aspect is exact) Lohan's supervised probation ended but she remained under informal probation for the necklace theft.  So what to make of this??  The authorities are showing up as having problems too.

Howard Biberman 3/4/1900 one of the Hollywood 10

Head of US Hari Krishna, accused of murder and imprisoned for extortion (Chiron=Kronos=Cupido=Aries)
9/6/1954 7PM Peekskill, NY

Catherine of Aragon/married to Henry VIII
Jupiter=Pallas=Chiron=Kronos=Sun/Moon 64H/12' orb

Jacqueline Onassis, wife of murdered president

Park Geun-hye; President of South Korea  2/2/1952 NO TOB
N. Chiron=Kronos
Father was a dictator; assasinated
T. Pluto conjunct Chiron=Kronos--North Korea fired a long-range missile on 12 December 2012, just before the 19 December presidential election; continued after the contact was exact 

At the same time:  the opposing party has alleged that the public servants from National Intelligence Service (NIS) have organized to promote Park's election campaign by way of posting articles favorable to Park and slanderous to the opposing candidates online. This political behavior by public servants is strictly prohibited by Korean Constitution. To prove their allegation, the opposing Democratic Party, along with the police and Central Election Assistance Commission, swooped in the house where the alleged agent of NIS has resided. From there, the 29-year-old female agent, later known as Ha-Young Kim, who was running an illegal online election campaign operation such as spreading slanderous postings about the opposing candidate had locked herself in. PARK HAS A NATAL PICTURE OF VENUS=CHIRON=JUPITER=URANUS=KRONOS=ZEUS; AT THE TIME T. PLUTO WAS HITTING A BIG PART OF THIS PICTURE--T. PLUTO WAS CONJUNCT CHIRON=KRONOS WHICH WAS ON THE VENUS/URANUS MIDPOINT

Victor Yanukovych DOB 7 9 5950 12:15 PM Junakijevo, Ukraine
P. Kronos=N. Chiron 2002-2009
Ukrainian politician, Prime Minister from November 21, 2002 who became embroiled in a bitter battle for election to the Presidency in late 2004.

P. Chiron=Saturn/Kronos
9/11 whistleblower fired
Sibel Deniz Edmonds 1/18/1970 5AM Istanbul
Also had P. Hades=Apollon
P. Saturn=Pallas (64H/1' orb)

Francis Dauphin France

SR Chiron=Kronos (Uranus)
His father is the King of France; has Dauphin imprisoned instead of father's own imprisonment (it was a trade) Also T. South node conjunct Kronos

Queen Elizabeth I
Natal picture of Chiron (and Pluto) with Kronos
She's declared  illegitimate, Kronos and Chiron are exact by progression.
P. Venus is 1' from Pluto

Related to a fallen leader:
Jackie Onassis and Edward Kennedy both have Chiron with Kronos
Charles I of England; his brother died; brother was supposed to be king
brother died when P. Chiron turned  stationary Rx 1' from natal Kronos (64H)

Alabama police officer:  Shooting of young man provoked the fateful voting-rights march from Selma to Montgomery, turning the tide for the civil rights movement.  N. Chiron=Zeus=Kronos




Less common is a government related charity: 
Johns Hopkins (DOB 5/19/1795) founded an orphanage (in addition to hospital; he also had Vesta/Chiron=Aries which has some symbolic correspondence with hospitals)


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