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MIDPOINTS: Hades/Poseidon

Often a fringe religion or ideology; problems with religion or ideology

Murdered by his mother who got a message from the devil
Justin Kirk May 17, 2001 8:46AM  Plymouth Mass

Nelson Mandela Hades=Poseidon=Vesta=Cupido

Margaret Bergmann Lambert, a world-class high jumper who was best known for her nonparticipation in the 1936 Berlin Olympics — she was kept off the German team because she was Jewish 
Natal Hades opposite Poseidon; transiting Saturn triggered natal picture (June 1936) when she won a high jump but was excluded from Olympics.  (T. Saturn conjunct Hades and opposite Poseidon) Saturn with Poseidon is also seen with ideological problems.

Aleister Crowley N. Sun=Hades=Poseidon

Solzhenitsyn was born w Hades opposite Poseidon. Imprisoned for anti-Soviet books, he held other vehiment opinions. Susan Sontag said of him: “We were laughing and agreeing about how we thought Solzhenitsyn’s views on the United States, his criticism of the press, and all the rest were deeply wrong..." DOB 12/11/1918

P. Hades/Poseiden
I had clients who was rabid Zionist.

N. Hades/Poseiden=Aries (64H/15' orb)
Was refered to in a article as 'the guru of garbage'. DOB 6/16/1947 Usually Poseidon manifests as a belief, but here it manifests in the name 'guru'.

N. Hades=Poseidon (64H/4' orb) Whole picture is Hades=Poseidon=Chiron DOB 3/22/1926
John Birch Society & Falangist leader who allegedly participated in Kennedy assasination.
During WW2 became known as Pied Piper who pursuaded 1500 Japanese to surrender.

N. Hades=Poseidon (=Cupido=Chiron)
Blacklisted in the '50's.

Saint Bernadette of Lourdes T. Poseidon=N. Hades at time of miracle

Saint Catherine Laboure LR Moon=Hades=Poseidon (=Vulcanus=Admetos) had vision; message from god predicting “many priests will be put to death”. WHEN THE MOON APPEARS IN A PICTURE IN A LR, IT’S LIKELY TO RECUR IN SUBSEQUENT LR’S. Also, SR for vision contained Poseidon=Saturn/Uranus

Madame Pompador P. Hades=P. Kronos=N. Poseidon she started a salon for philosophers, including Voltaire whose writing was forbidden by the church.

Subuh Pakh N. Hades=Poseidon=Chiron (on Jupiter/Uranus midpoint) founder of Subud cult-like religion where experience is described by critics as ‘demonic behavior’; a study cited 24 cases linking Subud to schizophrenic episodes requiring hospitalization. Also N. Saturn//Uranus//Neptune//Zeus

Sun=Hades=Poseidon major aspect
Boyd Packer, conservative Morman
Hades/Poseidon=Aries 2' orb
8/10/1924 no TOB

David Cameron PM of England
NN Hades sp his Poseidon
Saturn station conjunct Poseidon (Sun) he makes divisive comment about British Muslims

Billy Graham P. Poseidon was stationing on N. Hades/Poseidon midpoint when he made the comment about Jewish stranglehold in media (2/1/1972.  Of course it was there for years and years.  P. Poseidon and P. Hades stationed within 4' of each other for several years around this time too.

Krishnamurti T. Hades=T. Poseidon both conjunct each of his nodes
Discovered by Leadbeater (child abuser) and pronounced 'world teacher'

Nelson Mandela Hades=Poseidon=Vesta=Cupido
Imrisoned (Vesta/Hades) for ideology

Abdul Nasser used religion for political purposes:  abolished the Sharia Courts, along with all other Christian ecclesiastical and Jewish rabbinical) communal courts (milliyah).  
attempted to merge Islamic and socialist thinking.  Initiated several reforms to modernize al-Azhar, the authority in Sunni Islam, and to ensure its prominence over the Muslim Brotherhood and the more conservative Wahhabism promoted by Saudi Arabia. He influenced the merger of religious and civil courts and forced al-Azhar to issue a fatwā admitting Shia Muslims,Alawites, and Druze into mainstream Islam; for centuries prior, al-Azhar deemed them to be "heretics".   Some of his reforms were great (co-ed schools, introducing evolution to education) but they went against traditional Islam

Lenin N. Hades=Poseidon

Patrick Crusius El Paso shooter race hater


Natalie Wood Sun=Hades/Poseidon 64h/5'orb

she had fear of water too

P. Hades=P. Poseidon 3' orb 64H


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