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MIDPOINTS: Hades/Chiron

Harm; pain. Also appears in some charts of people who deal with pathology; sometimes just unpleasant events

N. Hades=Chiron (=Apollon) (64H/exact)
 Dahmer, David Berkowitz, Milosevic, Wayne Williams, Radovan Karadžić (war crimes)

Dahmer commits first murder when T. Chiron in conjunct N. Hades

N. Aries=Hades/Chiron (64H/1' orb)
Susan Atkins (Manson gang) 5/7/1948 1:03am California

N. Aries=Hades/Chiron (64H/4')
Venus=Hades/Chiron (22 1/2 - 24')
Laci Peterson murdered by her husband
DOB 5/4/1975 4:44 am PDT Modesto, California
Aries=Hades/Chiron (22 1/2 - 5' orb) also appeared in her lunar return at the time of her death.

N. Hades=Chiron=MC (64H/1' orb) Astrologer who deals with pain management
Harris, Pat (DOB 20 May 1953 at 11:58 AMBradford, England

Samuel Hahnemann physician; pain specialty (also founded Homeopathy)

N. Hades=Chiron (64/3)
Gabrielle Gifford, Congressperson, shooting victim

STEVE JOBS N. Hades=Chiron??????

P. Chiron=Hades/Chiron Jim Jones at the time of Jonestown massacre.

N. Venus=Hades/Chiron (22 1/2 - 9'orb)
Robert Levy, father of Chandra Levy, murder victim DOB 1/16/1946 4AM Columbus, OH

Laci Peterson N. Venus=Hades/Chiron

SR Venus=Hades/Chiron Jessica Hahn when she was raped

N. Jupiter=Hades/Chiron (22 1/2 approx 3' orb)
Abducted while on a trip. Natalee Holloway DOB 10/21/1986

N. Jupiter=Hades=Chiron (64H/10' orb)
Philip Markoff Craig's List Killer DOB 2/12/1986

N. Neptune=Hades/Chiron (64H/7')
Boston Strangler killed nurses. DOB 9/3/1931 11:58AM Chelsea MA

Uranus=Hades/Chiron (22 1/2 - 11' orb)
Jullian Assange DOB 7/3/1971

N. Kronos=Pluto=Pallas=Hades/Chiron (64H/7')
"Pentagon Shooter" John Patrick Bedell DOB 5/20/1973 NT

All born on the same day: 7/21/1899
N. Hades/Chiron=Aries major aspect
=Vulcanus 64H/approx 15' orb
Ernest Hemingway, suicide
Hart Crane, dead at 25
Florence Broadhurst, murder victim. Famous wall paper designer (see Juno/Vesta)

N. Kronos=Hades/Chiron (64H/7')
World's tallest woman 7'7". DOB 6/18/1955

Fliess--Freud mentor who left gauze in the nose of surgical patient; wrongheaded theories

N. Poseiden=Pallas=Zeus=Hades/Chiron (64H/all within 11' orb)
Christian Klar terrorist, leading member of the Red Army Faction in Europe
DOB 5/20/1952 7:03 PM Freiburg im breisgau, Germany

Chiron conjunct Hades =Jupiter (octile) + 2 degree opposition to Poseidon
Rushdoony supported the reinstatement of the Mosaic law's penal sanctions. Under such a system, the list of civil crimes which carried a death sentence would include homosexualityadultery,incest, lying about one's virginitybestialitywitchcraftidolatry or apostasy, public blasphemy, false prophesying, kidnappingrape, and bearing false witness in a capital case.   Rushdoony has been accused of Holocaust denial and racism.[16] According to Frank Schaeffer, Rushdoony believed thatinterracial marriage, which he referred to as "unequal yoking", should be made illegal.[17] He also opposed "enforced integration", referred to Southern slavery as "benevolent", and said that "some people are by nature slaves"

ASHTON KUTCHER P. CHIRON=N. HADES (4/13+) Ashton Kutcher allegedly got into a violent altercation while at a country music festival this weekend. 4/29/2013

Nelson Mandela P. Chiron=P. Hades 64H/1' orb when arrested 8/5/1962

Willie Nelson N. Chiron=Hades
When P. Hades came to Chiron exactly in 1972, he left Nashville for 2 reasons: he wasn't well regarded enough in Nashville and his house burned down.

1/24/2014 Scarlett Johanson N. Aries=Neptune=Ceres=Hades/Chiron. Without being judgmental about the Hades in Hades/Chiron, let's say it's a problematic situation involving religious or political stands (Hades/Chiron) and a liquid ingestible.  (Neptune/Ceres).

Nothing in particular  hitting it off, maybe it heated up a bit when T. Mars passed by.

Bill Cosby
LR for son's death and August Jackson's arrest for paternity/blackmail attempt.

DAHMER COMMITS 1st murder 1978--t. chiron conjunct hades 

CHIRON/HADES=POSEIDON She began to inflict various tortures upon herself.  (SAINT) THERESA OF AVILA

In the news:
7/9/2003 Witchdoctor who claims to bring patients good luck with the use of amonia went on trial for sneaking toxic cleanser on plane sickening passengers when container broke.
Doctor who assaulted sedated patient must pay $3.5 million in damages.
Senate Dems won fight against limiting medical malpractice suits.

12/2007 Two front-page shootings within 4 days of each other. On December 5th in Omaha when Hades and Chiron were 12’ from exact, and on December 9th in Colorado when Hades and Chiron were only 4’ apart from an exact sesquare. The Omaha shooter was born 5/17/1988 in England. When the shooting occurred T. Hades was less than 2 minutes from an exact conjunction to his natal Chiron. Harm--on some level--may be a keyword for this combination
Although these examples are compelling, there are countless examples of people with Hades/Chiron in their natal charts who were not murderers. And neither the Omaha nor the Colorado shooter had Chiron/Hades aspects in their solar charts.

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