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Intensely deprived or horrid conditions.

February 4, 2020 Officials in China are pushing to keep produce flowing and prices down as nervous shoppers stock up, challenging the country’s ability to feed itself.
T. Ceres=Hades=Vulcanus=Node

TS Eliot natal chart
Venus=Hades/Vulcanus (64) Huxley said about Eliot's 1st wife: "she made no attempt to conceal her vulgarity"
Marriage SR Mars=Moon/Hades she trashed hotel room on their honeymoon

P. Hades/Vulcanus
Client found abandoned bldg. with homeless, pregnant cracksmokers and their children.

N. Cupido=Hades/Vulcanus=Aries (22 1/2 w 11' orb)
Ray Steckler, director of movies such as "The Incredibly Strange Creatures who Stopped Living and Became Mixed up Zombies" and "The Thrill Killers". DOB 1/25/1938


Something different:
Lenny Bruce P. Hades=P. Vulcanus
Blacklisted by every club in the country for obscenity

M.C. Escher artists
Age 7, sick and fails 2nd grade
N. Hades=Vulcanus exact by progression

 T. URANUS ON THE PICTURE; HE DID A VERY RARE INTERVIEW: ... I do think the Internet’s under much greater attack than it has been in the past. Governments are now afraid of the Internet because of the Middle East stuff, and so they’re a little more willing to listen to what I see as a lot of commercial interests that just want to make money by restricting people’s freedoms. But they’ve also seen a tremendous user reaction, like the backlash against SOPA. I think that governments fight users’ freedoms at their own peril.

People born around Jan. 19-21 1973 when Hades Vulcanus was exact and close to Sun
Antero Manninen (born 19 January 1973)  among his musical venues: performing at funerals.

Aaron Yonda (born January 19, 1973) His short film, The Life and Death of a Pumpkin, swept the Chicago Horror Film Festival awards

Chris Kilmore (born January 21, 1973) i turntablist and keyboardist of the rock band Incubus

Karen Lancaume (born Karine Bach 19 January 1973 – 28 January 2005) was a French pornographic film actress.committed suicide

Wang Junxia (January 19, 1973) is a Chinese former long-distance runner, one of the athletes forced to dope by her trainer

Ann Kristin "Anka" Aarønes (born 19 January 1973) is a Norwegian former footballer. Aarønes signed for the professional Women's United Soccer Association (WUSA )could only play one season due to health problems

here's someone with no evidence of hades/vulcanus issues
evgeny Viktorovich Sadovyi
born 19 January 1973) is a retired Russian freestyle swimmer who won three gold medals and was chosen by Swimming World magazine as the Male World Swimmer of the Year.

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