Friday, July 27, 2007


Many people have this in their natal charts

Associates from distant locales

Heidi Fleiss
International clientle

Art and distance; widely distributed art

Ethnomusicologist working with American Indians as well as Europeans, studying music celebrating everything from love to agriculture and peyote chants too. DOB 3/22/1916
N. Cupido=Apollon (=Node) 22 1/2 w. approx 35' orb

Associated with a group called "The Wanderers" (translated Peredvizhniki)
Mikhail Nesterov 5/31/1862
Cupido=Apollon 22 /12 --1' orb

Because of Apollon's quality of expansion and extending, breaking through barriers--such as the constraint of time-- is an attribute.  (To give some perspective, it's also in the charts of people who break through barriers such as constraints of a format or genre often to be more inclusive)

H.G. Wells "The Time Machine"
Sun=Cupido/Apollon 47' orb

Michael Crichton
"Timeline" travel to the 14th century
"Jurassic Park" prehistoric animals cloned
Sun=Cupido/Apollon 18' orb"

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