Friday, July 27, 2007


Leader in art; museum. Government connected with art.
Leading family

N. Cupido/Kronos=Aries (64H/exact) DOB 2/3/1874 8AM Colorado
Gertrude Stein who was at the center of most important grup of artists in 20th century.
N. Kronos=Mars/Cupido Worked for Canadian Broadcasting Co.

N.Cupido=Kronos=Poseidon (64H/approx 19') DOB 8/31/1903
Early practioner of methods to explore cultural influences on the subconscious mind.

N. Sun=Cupido/Kronos (22 1/2 = 30' orb) 25 March 1867 at 20:00 (= 8:00 PM ) Bear Lake Hot Springs ID, USA, 42n06, 111w15
Gutzon Borglum carved Mt. Rushmore


SA Cupido/Kronos
Attended fundraiser w show biz luminaries.

P. Mars-Cupido/Kronos
Client became TV producer

Paul McCartney P. Sun=Cupido/Kronos
Meets manager who catapults Beatles to fame

Ringo Starr
Natal Cupido/Kronos

Lucille Ball
P. Cupido=P. Kronos 64H/exact
10/15/1951 "I Love Lucy" premier
(+P. Pallas=Venus/Cupido 1' orb)

No natal picture: when Douglas Fairbanks became 1st pres. Academy Motion Picture Arts
SR Cupido/Kronos=Aries

Banksy  The street artist’s effort to use trademark law instead of copyright to protect his paintings from commercial knockoffs is thwarted by a European Union decision.
T. Saturn station triggering natal N. Cupido=Kronos aspect

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