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Small family; small group; sect; brief association
small art, art limited to small audience
unfinished art

Leonardo da Vinci Sun=Cupido/Admetos alot of unfinished art

Velasquez giant paintings but....painted 10 paintings of dwarves

Painted Miniatures (Jacques Augustine (8/16/1759)

N. Cupido=Admetos (22 1/2 w 18' orb)
Excelled in microscopic canvasses; series of thumb-nail pictures. (DOB 2/21/1815)

natal conjunction 8/15/1759 
Jacques Augustin was the most significant teacher of miniature painting of his time

N. Cupido=Admetos=Aries
Bob Brozman, Guitarist 3/8/54
He was a traveler and collector who learned to play many other stringed instruments, from the Andean charango to the Greek baglama. He visited musicians around the world at their homes, studying with them and collaborating with them on recordings that brought new twists to traditional styles. He was especially fond of island cultures where, he told Songlines magazine, “musical instruments and ideas are left behind without much instruction and then left to percolate in isolation.”

Verdi: replaced full scale overtures with shorter orchestral intros

N. (Jupiter)=Cupido=Admetos=Aries (64H/17' or closer)
Renowned translator of Homer and Virgil were unlikely best sellers or fixtures on classroom reading lists. (DOB 9/11/1933) I think Jupiter and Cupido in this picture describe the bestseller. Usually the Admetos ingredient is not seen in bestsellers. I'm guessing it refers here to the arcane quality of Latin & Green translation.

N. Cupido/Admetos (=Poseidon)=Aries (64H/5' orb) DOB 7/8/1919
Munchkin in Wizard of Oz

William Penn -- Quakers: Cupido=Admetos=Apollon=Aries

100 Years of Solitude family cut off from outside world

Also...just a small 'society'
Anne Frank  N. Mercury=Vesta=Cupido=Admetos
Wrote of confinement in small space w small group of people

Louis XI "divide and rule"

Shinzo Abe Aries= Cupido=Admetos=Chiron
no kids

Section of the population
N. Node=Ceres=Cupido=Hades=Admetos author of "White Trash Cooking"

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