Sunday, June 24, 2007


Dietary problem, dietary change.

Karen Carpenter SR Ceres=Saturn=Vulcanus(=Pluto=Apollon) when she died as a result of anoerexia.

Paula Deen N. Saturn//Ceres (DOB 1/19/1947)

P. Saturn=P.Ceres (64H)
Friend got sick after eating in a restaurant and changed her diet as a result.

I began a fast when Sun SA Saturn/Ceres

P. Venus=Saturn/Ceres
A friend asks me to help her with diet.

Therese Neumann Mars=Saturn=Ceres=Poseidon said to subsist on 1 communion wafer a day for 40 years

St. Lydwine of Schiedam Ceres/Admetos=Saturn
She ate no food except Holy Communion

Unsupportive mother:
George Sand's daughter gets married
T. Ceres square Sand's natal Saturn

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