Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Problems regarding location

Edward VIII P. Saturn=P. Vesta (64H/2' orb) abdicated and left England for good

Brett Whitely forced to leave Fiji for drugs
T. Saturn=T. Neptune=N.Vesta (november 1969)

SA Saturn/Vesta Client has problem w storage cabinet

Queen Victoria N. Sun=Saturn=Vesta=Chiron.  P. Vesta conjunct Saturn 7/1838 First Anglo-Afghan War, 1838–1842 the result of England's presence in India.
P. Vesta conjunct P. Saturn 2/1843 "General Regulations of Trade with Britain and China"  3 October 1843 treaty laid down detailed regulations for Sino-British trade, specified the terms under which Britons could reside in the newly opened ports of Shanghai and other cities. While Britons were allowed to buy property in the treaty ports and reside there with their families, they were not allowed to travel to the interior of China or carry out trade there.

King John of England
nicknamed John Lackland by his father as a joke because he wasn't going to inherit land (it turned out differently)

Richard Lionheart destroyed castles (his father's orders)

Oswald Mosley N. Saturn=Vesta=Poseidon
Exiled because of political views; house arrest for political views

P. Saturn=Vesta April 1844
Accidentally set a fire and burned several acres of property.

?? Upon the death of Byron's mother-in-law Judith Noel, the Hon. Lady Milbanke, in 1822, her will required that he change his surname to "Noel" in order for him to inherit half of her estate.

Intentional:  Fought to shut down institutions for disabled Saturn=Vesta=Aries (on Mercury/Hades midpoint; he'd been instiutionalized in a horrible school/institution) 9/14/1945

In the news:
3/19/08 Saturn anticia Vesta
White House Vows Housing Bill Veto as Senate Debates
NYC Board Backs Rise in Rent Up to 8.5%

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