Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ideological activity; religious or political

No frequent incidence in the charts of a dozen popes.

Krishnamurti N. Jupiter=Poseidon

Dalai Lama Jupiter/Poseidon=Aries and Node 22 1/2-- 15' orb

Mother Theresa Jupiter=Posideon 22 1/2 --52' orb

Bill Gates N. Jupiter=Poseidon

Richard Alpert N. Jupiter=Poseidon 64H/10'orb
Went to India/returned as Ram Das SR Sun=Jupiter/Poseidon 22 1/2 1' orb

Sister Wendy Sun=Jupiter=Apollon=Poseidon=Aries
=Ceres (A TV chef  who was a fan of Wendy's spritual writing, became a friend and helped Wendy to write a book on artists) 

Eleanor Roosevelt
Sun=Jupiter/Poseidon 22 1/2-- 1' orb
Sun=Venus=Chiron=Jupiter/Poseidon 64H/4' orb

Jimmy Carter Sun=Jupiter/Poseidon 64H/10' orb

Gandhi Jupiter=Poseidon 64H/8' orb

Therese Neumann
Eyesight miraculously restored
P. Jupiter=Poseidon 64H/ exact
SR Sun=Jupiter=Uranus=Poseidon 64H/20' orb

Albert Schweitzer Sun=Jupiter=Poseidon 64H/4' orb

Yogananda Jupiter=Poseidon

Soviet spy George Blake escapes prison; moves to USSR where he lives the rest of his life
P. Jupiter=Poseidon

Bob Denard Converted to Judaism, Islam, Catholicism

In the news: Jupiter opposite Poseidon 3/15/12
Archbishop of Canterbury--the leader of the Anglican Church announces his resignation
Head of Hasid sect dies

 11/29/09 Jupiter antiscia Poseidon'
 Swiss voted to ban the construction of new minarets, obviating the reputation of the Swiss for religious tolerance.

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