Thursday, June 14, 2007


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Nicole Brown Simpson murdered
T. Jupiter =N. Chiron (there was more, but that was part of the transit)

. Healing at a distance
. Health events at a distance (while traveling for example)
. Complicated travel events
. Plenty more I don't understand

When T Chiron was conjunct my Jupiter, I traveled to a spot full of alternative healers.

T. Jupiter opposite T. Chiron recently attack on tourist spot in Thailand

Bill Gates, Sr. Helped 3rd world countries to prevent health problems (sanitation, vaccination, mosquito netting, etc.) Sun=Jupiter=Chiron near the Aries Point

Rimbaud shot in London SR Jupiter=Zeus

Nigel Farage Sun=Jupiter=Chiron
Brexit T. Jupiter hitting off the natal picture

Kurt Cobain OD in Rome SR Jupiter=Chiron and Saturn/Apollon

N. Jupiter=Node/Chiron (22 1/2)
Woman who co-ordinated federal gov't's response ot earthquakes, floods, famine and locust infestations in foreign countries. DOB 7/27/1942

Ghislaine Maxwell arrives in NY
meets Epstein
P. Jupiter=Chiron <5 orb="" p="">
N. Jupiter/Chiron=Aries (64H/exact)
Jupiter conjunct Chiron conjunct Pallas all in Pisces
Created an institute conducts research on how medical community can improve experience of patients. DOB 12/8/1915

Bauby Diving Bell Butterfly N. South node aries conjunct jupiter
??the successful book about his illness
the way he wrote it??

Elian Gonzales
SR Jupiter=Chiron he comes to US on a boat; mother died; embroiled in controversy about going back.

T. Jupiter conjunct N. Chiron--the start of the 12-day meeting, which will climax with more than 110 heads of state or government in attendance


Nicole Brown Simpson murdered
T. Jupiter =N. Chiron (there was more,  Pluto was opposite N. Sun but this was part of the transit)

Hitler P. Chiron=Jupiter 1909
Poorest period of his life.  Sleeping on park benches.  But immediately thereafter (1910) with help of a friend, he starts selling his art

??? Alfonso XII
N. Jupiter=Chiron; wife dies T. Chiron triggered picture

Kirk Douglas
T. Jupiter conjunct N. Chiron  WHERE
heart attack and pacemaker
(T. Uranus conjunct Sun; T. Chiron conjunct Moon--wife saved him--called ambulance)

?? Einstein Chiron//Jupiter 1915--came up with relativity theory

Elvis natal Jupiter//Chiron

 P. Jupiter=Chiron Stalin when there was famine in russia

 Hitler appointed Chancellor January 1933; Chiron station=Jupiter
But he had natal Jupiter=Kronos=Chiron, so it hit his natal Kronos/Chiron pic exactly

 t. jupiter=natal chiron
hitchcock releases psycho

Thomas More execution T. Jupiter conjunct Chiron (Hades)
He was decapitated not drawn and quartered.  The execution took place on 6 July 1535. While on the scaffold he declared that he died "the king's good servant, and God's first." After More had finished reciting the Miserere while kneeling, the executioner reportedly begged his pardon, then More rose up merrily, kissed him and gave him forgiveness

Charles Bronson wife died T. Jupiter opposite N Chiron 

??Anatole Deibler executioner
N. Mercury=Jupiter=Chiron

Henry II France
Sword in eye; died w transits to natal Chiron/Admetos
including Jupiter conjunct n. chrion

Bill Clinton
Israeli/Palestinian handshake
Transiting Jupiter (square t Uranus and t. Neptune) conjunct his N Chiron (natalChiron=Admetos)

T, Chiron trine N. Jupiter
Chose death by euthanasia
Marieke Vervoort
dob 5/10/1979
event 10/22/2019

Lizzie Bordon
Jupiter=Chiron 22 1/2  15' orb

rape t. Chiron=N. Juno  event 4/15/1973
College GirlGender: F
born on13 September 1953 at 20:23 (= 8:23 PM )
PlaceWashington DC, USA, 38n54, 77w02

?? Henry Ford trial for anti semitic publication
T. Sun conjunct T. Jupiter both conjunct N. Chiron

whistler t. chiron conjunct n. jupiter
bankrupt 5/1879

Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson T. Chiron conjunct N. Jupiter


macron general strike t. chiron square n. jupiter

Veto Genovese  he fled to Italy, and for a brief period during World War II, he supported Benito Mussolini's regime in Italy for fear of being deported back to the United States to face murder charges.

Volcano erupts killing tourists New Zealand
Jupiter square Chiron 1' orb

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