Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Short trip(s); truncated trip.  Travel to just one place again and again.
Something abbreviated but lucky.

Shows up in some defenders of ban on immigrants:
Donald Trump Jupiter=Admetos one degree 30' orb
KellyAnne Conway Jupiter=Admetos pretty tight

SA Jupiter/Admetos
Woman's son ended California to New York bicycle trip in Arizona.

long commute but short for a long trip
weekly commute from Iowa to Minnesota

Limited time/location at a distant place:
Lady Mountbatten was the last Vicereine of India, serving during the final months of the British Raj and the first months of the post-Partition period (February 1947 to June 1948)  and then, after the partition of India and Pakistan in June 1947, the Governor-General of India but not of Pakistan
Her husband had Chiron/Admetos the same aspect as the last king of Italy (King for 41 days)

In the news:

7/24/03 Cubans get within 40 miles of Fla in a 1951 Chevy.
A judge rules on a dozen immigrants must receive court hearings before being sent home.
U.S. approves steep import duties on fish and memory chips from Viet Nam.
"Textile Industry seeks trade limits on Chinese imports"
"House approves bill easing imports of less expensive drugs"
Children who are healthy but short will be able to get growth hormones.

10/26/2006 Bush Signs Bill Authorizing 700-Mile Fence for Border
10/27/06 Loan Company Cancels a Trip for Educators (Mercury station 1 degree away)

3/12/2011 Arab League Endorses No-Flight Zone Over Libya

a number of plane crashes
one is "shortly after take off"
Jupiter semi octile Admetos

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