Sunday, June 10, 2007


This is a work in progress.  Not enough evidence for to be conclusive,  but this is what I've got so far:

Partner an out of towner, meet partner abroad
Nancy Spungeon Natal
Yoko Ono natal; John Lennon natal

Elizabeth I
Jupiter/Juno=Aries exact
She had foreign suitors; her marriage was expected to produce foreign alliances (a key element of her foreign policy; she worked it/she was Cap rising)
WTF: P. Jupiter=N. Juno 3' orb/semi-octile her boyfriend Dudley has a child out of wedlock
P. Jupiter=P. Juno 4' orb Dudley throws big costume party for her; also =P. Sun by minor aspect
 (+ T. Juno conjunct her N. Venus)

Now this is weird..and probably a coincidence
Jackie Kennedy Onassis married JFK P. Juno=Jupiter 1' orb
Betty White married Allen Ludden P. Jupiter=Juno 8' orb
They were both widowed.  Probably a coincidence.

Someone else's marriage
Louis XIII T. Jupiter=N. Juno
Someone close to him got married 4/21/1622

Angelina Jolie in a different legal battle in her divorce
T. Jupiter inconjunct N, Juno

Winthrop Rockefeller married T. Jupiter conjunct Juno
short marriage, when it ended, he was taken out of society register

T.Jupiter = T.Juno semi octile

A beautician hit CNN with a billion dollar lawsuit accusing their commentator of slandering all Chinese people.

Scientists have found what they described as the earliest oil paintings ever discovered.

Raw notes
Dolly Madison Jupiter//Juno

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