Sunday, June 10, 2007


Land or home at a distance.

N. Jupiter=Vesta=Poseidon=Aries (64/approx. 15' orb) DOB 3/21/1941
Jupiter square Vesta tight aspect
Born in Netherland, became largest foreign landowner in Scotland.

P. Sun=Jupiter/Vesta friend closed on the sale of an apartment in another state.

In the news: Jupiter=Vesta (22 1/2)
4 /16/2008 "Russia said it's tightening ties with two breakaway regions in neighborning Georgia drawing an angry response that Russia hopes to annex the areas...Putin ordered the government to increase cooperation with the separatist authorities in the 2 Georgian regions which have been separate since early 1990's.

1/11/2007 Jupiter=Vesta (22 1/2)
Democratic Convention to be held in Denver (also Vesta=Apollon)
Skull Supports Theory of Human Migration--a team of researchers reported mirgrants who arried in their new homes in Asia and Europe with the distinct and unmodified heads of Africans.

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