Sunday, June 10, 2007


Some connection with aviation, pilot, travel business, travel for work; work with out of towners. (like Pallas/Apollon)

N. Jupiter//Pallas
Aerial photogragher DOB 4/15/1916

Ethel Rosenberg (associated with Russian spy network)
Part of a larger picture: Jupiter=Pallas=Cupido=Hades=Poseidon
The Pallas/Hades/Poseidon was descriptive of problematic ideological connection

SA Aries=Jupiter/Pallas (+Aries/Pallas)
Husband gets job (doesn't take it)

Israeli Spy who caught Eichmann in Argentina
T. Jupiter=N. Pallas semi octile
DOB 11/23/1926
Event: 5/11/1960

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