Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hades/Kronos Contact is Exact

Hades/Kronos a variety of problems with leadership

December 29 2007 Transiting Hades=Kronos

Although Bhutto’s death eclipses in significance anything else imaginable but still today-- when the contact is exact--Hades/Kronos events continue to abound.

There is a parallel between the election-related riots erupting today in Kenya and what happened during a previous Hades/Kronos contact when 2 months of street and legal protests followed a contested election in Mexico.

Here are some other events that reflect the Hades/Kronos symbolism in today's news or that occurred today.

Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro hinted at retirement in a letter read aloud to Cuba's parliament yesterday (12/28), expanding on a much-discussed comment he made last week --when Hades & Kronos were no more than 15 minutes from exact-- about not "clinging to power." This time he admits that he had once longed to do so, from "excessive youth and lack of conscience," (Fidel has the south node in Capricorn)


U.N. War Crimes Tribunal Has Croatian Ex - Commander Arrested
The leader of Senegal's richest and most powerful Islamic brotherhood has died aged 92.
NASA has grudgingly released thousand of pages of pilot complaints,rejected as inadequate by Congress (12/31)
“Risqué Pics Won't Dethrone Miss France”
Valerie Begue (DOB 9/26/1985)
Natal Venus/Mars=Aries (22 ½ w less than 1 degree orb)
Also Saturn and the south node in Scorpio

A Bosnian Serb President Sworn In but apart from extreme obtinancy against any unification in Bosnia, there is nothing sick or scandalous or riot causing about him.

Today came the report of a “Pyramid Unearthed in Mexico City”. Hades also symbolizes antiques. Some very important antiquity discoveries happen when T. planets aspect Hades. The contact of Kronos with Hades was reflected in this particular antiquity itself: it was the center of political power.

In History
John Adams Natal Sun-Hades=Kronos
P. Hades=Kronos was 1' from exact when he became president.
It was exact when he lost the election:
 "a contest of personal vilification surpassing any presidential election in American history." During the 1800 campaign, Adams was called a monarchist, a warmonger, and an indecisive leader during wartime. He was tarred as a vain eccentric with an "ungovernable temper." He was attacked for his conservative outlook and for his tendency to act irresponsibly and capriciously without consulting his cabinet and advisors. His enemies spread rumors that he was insane,

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